Launches Remote Video Monitoring Solution, a provider of wireless and Web-enabled security and monitoring technology for residential and light commercial customers, recently announced the launch of Video, its new remote video monitoring solution. Video gives users the ability to look at what’s happening in and around their homes and businesses from anywhere, via their cell phones, PDAs and personal computers. Customers can log into their Video accounts remotely to see live video from one or more cameras, and play back videos that were automatically recorded when motion activity was detected. Video is fully integrated with’s suite of interactive security and monitoring services, enabling customers to access a single view showing their daily security system events, such as a door opening or system disarming, and the recorded video clips that correspond to those events.

Plus, if the customer’s security system reports an alarm, the Video cameras can be configured to automatically record pre-alarm and post-alarm video footage and store it offsite where it can be reviewed immediately by the property owner to see what happened.

Users can also sign up for automatic notifications when new video clips have been recorded. These video notifications can be sent via e-mail or text message, and can even include the recorded video clip as an attachment. Through an easy to use web interface, customers control the types of events that trigger automatic recording and alerts.

The Video solution is enabled by’s new video equipment platform, which includes several models of standalone IP cameras along with an IP video server that makes most analog security cameras compatible with the service.

Unlike other video monitoring services, Video does not require a local storage device, such as a DVR or personal computer, at the monitored property -- all video is stored securely offsite in the Operations Center.

Vector Security, Inc., one of the electronic security industry's largest privately held service providers, was an early adopter of's services and views the addition of remote video monitoring as an eagerly anticipated enhancement to the suite of services.

According to Vector's Senior Vice President, Tom Rogers, remote video services complete an offering that Vector's customers have valued highly since the company introduced nearly four years ago.

"Since 2005, we have made a hallmark service offered by Vector Security,” Rogers said. “Now with the addition of remote video monitoring, our residential and commercial customers can literally double the value of their investment in a highly affordable and efficient manner. The feedback from our customers who are using Video has been overwhelmingly positive, and we are excited to roll out this service more broadly in the coming months." Video is ideal for traditional security applications, such as capturing footage of a burglary or vandalism, but it’s also designed for a number of less threatening, everyday applications.

Residential customers can use Video to keep an eye on children, pets, driveways, swimming pools and other sensitive areas while they’re at work or traveling. People with second homes or other remote properties can use Video to see what’s happening while they’re away. And commercial users can log in from anywhere to see if their businesses were opened and closed on time, monitor customer traffic throughout the day and visually confirm that everything is business as usual.

“Our customers and dealers have been asking for a cost effective, easy to use, digital age video service that works seamlessly with’s core technology,” said Alison Slavin, vice president of product management at “ Video not only meets those requirements, but includes a set of features that connects customers to their homes and businesses in a way that’s never been possible before now.” Video is available through authorized Security Dealers. For more information about Video, please visit

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