GVI Providing Video Surveillance System For Prison System Of Latin America Country

GVI Security Solutions Inc, a provider of video security surveillance solutions featuring the complete Samsung Electronics line of products, has won a contract to provide a comprehensive video surveillance system for the prison system of one of the largest nations in Latin America.

The project includes a broad range of GVI Samsung Electronics video surveillance solutions encompassing a wide selection of high performance GVI Samsung anti-vandal cameras selected to meet location and environmental specific needs in the prison system, including indoor and outdoor applications and accessories. The project also includes GVI Samsung PC-based dual codec stand-alone DVRs and an array of GVI switchers, controllers, hubs and transceivers.

"We appreciate the confidence that this key Latin American Nation placed in GVI Samsung Electronics' ability to help rapidly secure these critical facilities," said Joseph Restivo, GVI COO/CFO. "Our long presence in Latin America and established reputation for quality and reliability is helping us significantly expand our ongoing growth in winning large enterprise-level security projects in the region."

The solution is designed to enhance the security of the nation's prison facilities to meet more rigorous requirements found necessary due to rising crime and the threat of narco-terrorism. The initial installation in five of the correctional system's prison facilities is scheduled before the end of the year.

"The prison system of one of the largest countries in Latin America faced a critical need to upgrade the security in their facilities," said Fernando Tomasiello, GVI senior vice president of international operations and sales. "Their decision to select GVI Samsung Electronics for rapid deployment in five of their prisons was due both to the superior quality of our products as well as the high value placed on GVI's extensive service and support networks in the region."

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