GE Security Technology Helps Leads To Arrest In Philadelphia Subway Attack

GE Security Inc. recently announced the company’s MobileView mobile digital recording system helped authorities bring the brutal attacker on the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA) Broad Street Line in Philadelphia to justice.

Just hours after releasing surveillance video of the assault to the public, family members of the assailant called authorities to identify the suspect. The moments leading up to and through the brutal hammer assault on a 20-year-old SEPTA passenger were recorded by GE Security’s MobileView video surveillance system.

Designed for buses, light-rail cars, delivery trucks, armored cars and other vehicle environments, MobileView’s clear digital video recording provided authorities with the necessary details to determine the circumstances in which the attack occurred and helped identify the assailant

“GE Security’s advanced technology solutions are helping make the world a safer place by meeting today’s evolving real-world security needs head on,” said Dean Seavers, president and CEO, GE Security. “MobileView is designed to help transit systems and other fleet vehicle operators reduce crime, address Homeland Security issues, limit liability and provide a safer experience for employees and customers.”

GE Security’s MobileView IV provides both monochrome and color recording in mobile environments at up to 120 pictures per second. Its on-board hard drive storage unit holds up to 500GB of video -- up to 30 days of high quality surveillance video. In addition, MobileView is equipped with wireless capabilities so users can request video remotely -- saving both time and money.

The typical MobileView system consists of up to 12 cameras on board a vehicle, digital video recorder, keypad, panic button, status lights, docking station and PC-loaded MobileView software. All equipment components are made from industrial-grade materials to meet stringent testing standards for vibration, temperature and shock.

MobileView is deployed in some of the world’s largest public transit systems including, Los Angeles, Chicago, Washington, D.C., Denver, Philadelphia, Oakland, Calif. Albuquerque, Broward County, Fla. and Paris.

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