Oklahoma Casinos Choose Pivot3 Solution For Video Surveillance Expansion Project

Pivot3 Inc. recently announced that three Choctaw Casinos have chosen Pivot3 Serverless Computing for a large-scale video surveillance expansion project in Oklahoma.

By deploying virtual NVRs on the Pivot3 Serverless Computing platform in place of physical servers, the Stringtown, McAlester, and Grant casinos stripped out approximately 90 Dell servers from the project. In addition to the green benefits of nearly 70 kilowatts saved, the casino saved more than $300,000 in lower acquisition costs, lower surveillance data center build-out costs, and reduced power and cooling.

“Serverless Computing changed the game for us,” said Jason Pritchard, integration manager for Choctaw Nation. “We have been able to cut costs at the same time that we are increasing the quality of the storage that supports our surveillance needs. The high scalability and green benefits of the Pivot3 integrated storage and server platform were strong selling points for us, as we can expand the system efficiently in power, space, cooling and cost over the long term.”

“Everybody is looking for ways to do more with less,” said Michel Chalouhi, director of product management at Genetec.”The Serverless Computing platform frees up dollars that would otherwise be spent on servers. We are seeing more customers look to open-system solutions because of the improved technology and the cost savings that result. In these times, cost savings and green benefits ring true to our customers.”

Pivot3 Serverless Computing is a storage solution that simultaneously runs NVR applications on IP SAN hardware. These virtual NVRs eliminate the need for standalone physical servers and dramatically reduce the cost, power, space and failover benefits of surveillance installations.

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