GovSec Summit Looks At Role Of IP-Based Security

We are receiving a phenomenal response to our IP Summit, scheduled for March 11, at GovSec. The interest generated and number of registrants has been impressive but also anticipated.

IP technology is revolutionizing the future of security, especially for government and military operations. And now that large-scale security platforms are becoming more integrated using IP, government security professionals are clamoring to learn more about how network-centric security architectures, which offer unprecedented coordination within and between government agencies of all levels, can better ensure the safety and security of the nation.

The IP Summit will focus on border protection, securing airports and seaports, protecting buildings and large-scale crowd management.

  • Border Protection will detail how a wireless mesh IP video surveillance solution can help protect seaports and how license plate recognition technology can help border officials.
  • Securing Airports and Seaports will address how a layered security management system that includes networked cameras, access control, inspection systems and perimeter protection equipment can better protect our ports.
  • Protecting Buildings will discuss using reliable and scalable systems that include access control, door alarms, anti-passback for parking gates, identity authentication, background screening, access management, credential manufacturing and biometrics.
  • Large-scale Crowd Management will address the use of video analytics and security foot patrols for access control and include a discussion of wireless and other technologies that allow systems to be set up quickly as well as easily moved to a new location and put back into play.

Government security and communication go hand in hand. These next-generation IP infrastructure and platforms serve to enrich the communication needs of the government, ensuring a safer society and more cohesive system.

About the Author

Sherleen Mahoney is a Web managing editor at 1105 Media.

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