Wisconsin School District Taps OnSSI Management Software For IP Video System

On-Net Surveillance Systems Inc. (OnSSI) has announced that the Stoughton Area School District in South-Central Wisconsin has implemented its advanced multi-site NetDVMS NVR and camera management system to optimize the use of the district’s 62-camera video surveillance system.

Also included in the solution is OnSSI’s new Ocularis Client software which features an interface that makes complex operational functions easier to manage.

“Our management software gives the school district a flexible and scalable system which allows for more efficiency from the video surveillance system,” said Mulli Diamant, vice president of Sales with OnSSI. “With the powerful features that are included in the software, the staff can better focus on education while knowing that the safety and security of the students, faculty, visitors and property is being monitored and attended to by the industry’s leading management software program.”

According to Dennis Barkenhagen, director of Buildings and Grounds for the Stoughton Area School District, the decision to go with an IP-based video surveillance system was an easy choice for the school district, but selecting an NVR and camera management system took a little more due diligence.

“The OnSSI solution was selected because of its simplicity and ease of use, among other criteria,” Barkenhagen said. “We looked at several manufacturers’ products, attended trade shows and researched solutions online, but ultimately went with the OnSSI Net DVMS product because of its user friendliness and its capability for expansion and the ease with which supplemental cameras can be added.”

The six schools are linked to the administration building using a fiber backbone, in a spoke and hub configuration. This fiber backbone was then partitioned for video use and images from all 60 plus cameras are transmitted to the NetDVMS software, which resides on the server, located in the administration building. All video is recorded and archived centrally at the administration building, although each school is set up so that the principal can view images from his/her school.

The majority of the cameras are located outside, with a camera inside each building at the main entrance.

One of the features of the OnSSI solution that appealed to Barkenhagen was the system’s powerful investigation tools, including the ability to PTZ into recorded images.

“We don’t monitor the cameras and so it was very important to have a system that would allow us to forensically examine the video for events and exceptions and the Ocularis software made these functions and procedures very easy for us to master,” Barkenhagen said. “The concept behind our surveillance revolves around motion detection. If motion is detected, the NVR records the motion at a higher frame rate. All of this is set up in the software and we don’t have to do anything once it’s programmed. It’s the same for the PTZ units. They are programmed for tour sequences at night around the high school.”

It is estimated by the Department of Justice that vandalism costs schools, homeowners, businesses and others more than $15 billion a year and schools in particular seem to be hard hit. According to Barkenhagen the district has had no incidents of vandalism since the system was installed and the few occurrences of fights or drinking on school property have been quickly and resolutely resolved.

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