Theft Protection Tips

LoJack offers tips to protect equipment and businesses from the costly problem of theft.

Keep Good Records

  • Label all equipment with unique identifying numbers, including Product Identification Numbers (PIN) andOwner Applied Number (OAN).
  • Consider marking above numbers in multiple locations on equipment.
  • Keep accurate inventory records.
  • Record manufacturer, model number, year, PIN and purchase date for each piece of equipment.
  • Record serial numbers of each major component parts.
  • Consider registering your equipment with a national database.

Focus on Physical Site Security

  • When possible, fence in your equipment.
  • Park equipment close together and in a circle if feasible, with smaller pieces in the center; chain small equipment to larger equipment.
  • Install on-site security cameras and motion sensors on the jobsite.
  • Communicate with law enforcement. Request more frequent patrols, especially in known high-theft areas.

Use Theft Deterrents and Proven Recovery Systems

  • Use immobilization devices such as wheel locks, fuel shut-offs or ignition locks.
  • Consider installing battery-disconnect switches.
  • Use a proven tracking/recovery system that offers time-tested tracking technology and is integrated with police so that recovery is in the hands of the law.

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