Arizona Police Department Uses Mobile Technology To Improve Communications

In Motion Technology recently announced that its solutions have been deployed by the Tempe (Ariz.) Police Department to put reliable, secure, real-time information at the fingertips of its officers in the field, enhance the department’s ability to manage assets in the field, and strengthen law enforcement efforts.

“Today our officers are able to spend less time behind a desk and more time in the community, protecting the public,” said Hugh Hallman, mayor of Tempe, whose 320 officers protect 170,000 residents across 42 square miles and respond to more then 115,000 calls each year. “Our officers appreciate the quick access to information that they could previously only get at their offices, and are anxious for us to give them more applications that can further extend the office to their vehicles. In Motion Technology is helping us improve our operations and enhance public safety.”

In Motion’s onBoard Mobile Gateway creates a wireless mobile hotspot in and around each vehicle. The Gateway connects to commercial cellular, 700 MHz, 3G, 4G and a variety of other wireless networks -- and seamlessly switches between networks – to create a continuous, high-bandwidth pipeline of information to and from the vehicle.

The gateway offers levels of data security and communications reliability that set it apart from other mobile communications solutions.

This enables Tempe officers to file reports and access information about suspects, vehicles and property from their patrol cars.

They can download mug shots, view databases of “most wanted” criminals, and access other crime fighting resources without returning to the station.

This level of knowledge lets officers make split second judgments based on real-time information. The gateway is designed to enable the Tempe Police Department to easily add the latest network and crime fighting technologies to the vehicle area network. In the future, this will allow the police department to deploy mobile surveillance video technology, electronic ticketing, automated license plate recognition and a variety of other devices to enhance officer safety and effectiveness.

The onBoard Mobility Manager, In Motion's network management system, played a key role in Tempe's decision to work with the company. It provides a full suite of management tools that enable the city to remotely monitor vehicles and onboard communications, so they can keep patrol cars on the street. Coverage tools that analyze wireless network signals were instrumental in helping the city and carrier improve wireless coverage in their operating area.

“Effective policing is all about presence, and In Motion Technology's products are allowing our officers to do the work they used to do in the office from their vehicles," said Dave Heck, deputy CIO for the City of Tempe. "It provides officers in the field with worry-free communications, and seamless access to crime fighting tools and information."

Tempe installed gateways in 180 vehicles in under three weeks, and is now considering deploying In Motion Technology in other city fleets to enhance operations, reduce costs and improve services for the residents of Tempe.

“The City of Tempe has taken a visionary approach to policing that leverages technology, and we're delighted to have them as a customer," said Kirk Moir, president and CEO of In Motion Technology. "Our goal to provide seamless connectivity that enables teams in the field to operate as efficiently and effectively as if they were at headquarters is exemplified in Tempe. We’re pleased our solution is enabling them to enhance the safety and security of the people of the city.”

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