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Video analytics protects more than 1 billion shipments annually

With thousands of packages moving through its European hubs every hour, security has always been a top priority for DHL Express, an international road-, air- and rail-based courier and express service.

To better protect its valuable cargo against the growing threats of theft, vandalism and terrorism—and to comply with increasingly stricter European Union regulations—DHL has upgraded its security systems at several key sites, including sorting hubs at Heathrow Airport in the United Kingdom and Leipzig Airport in Germany, as well as ground hubs, terminals and other facilities in Germany, Belgium and Budapest, Hungary.

Multiple Requirements

DHL needed a highly reliable security solution that was able to detect intruders and perimeter breaches, deter theft and vandalism, and identify suspicious activity around the aircraft and various facilities.

The solution also had to be easy to use, minimizing false alarms. In addition, EU security regulations stipulate that cargo that has already been screened must be constantly monitored until take-off.

DHL realized that a top-notch system would have to include intelligent video. The company conducted rigorous head-to-head testing of several analytics products. ioimage’s solution offered the highest overall level of effectiveness and reliability. It also was the most efficient at overcoming environmental challenges and minimizing false alarms, resulting in a significant reduction in the number of security guards required.

Practical, Effective Surveillance

Out of thousands of activities monitored by a vast array of CCTV cameras, ioimage intelligent video pinpoints only relevant incidents. The system tracks suspicious people, vehicles and objects—for example, stray freight and luggage—while ignoring extraneous activities, thus reducing false alarms. When an alarm does go off, security staff can quickly check the monitors to decide on a course of action, including sounding a warning, dispatching security guards or calling the authorities.

Footage captured by the ioimage devices also can be reviewed by DHL officials for investigate purposes, to resolve reported incidents or to confirm a suspect’s identity. Once the cargo is screened—by X-ray, dogs or physical checking—and loaded on the plane, it needs to be guarded at all times until it leaves the airport. ioimage video analytics replaces the need for a human guard to monitor the cargo while it is awaiting take-off.

Since installing the new systems, DHL also has benefited from a dramatic decrease in false alarms.

ioimage continues to work closely with DHL security management in deciding how best to monitor its critical European sites, providing efficient and cost-effective solutions in demanding field conditions. DHL locations in Spain and Italy are being equipped with ioimage technology while similar projects are in the pipeline in other European countries.

This article originally appeared in the April 2009 issue of Security Today.

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