S2 Security Debuts S2 Netbox 4.0

S2 Security Corp., manufacturer of the S2 NetBox and S2 Enterprise integrated IP-based physical security systems, will debut the S2 NetBox version 4.0 at ISC West.

The latest version of the company’s flagship product includes partitions that enable an S2 NetBox or S2 Enterprise system to function as a number of smaller systems all running on a single system, and a new widget desktop that can be used to create customized monitoring displays. On view at the S2 Security booth (10117) will be a large, partitioned version 4.0 S2 Enterprise system with a prominent widget desktop.

Partitioned systems enable multiple occupant facilities to standardize on a central security system and then share the system with individual entities, such as commercial building tenants. Each partition has its own database, network nodes, and monitoring, allowing users to determine how they would like to manage their portion of the system. Access level mappings allow access control to operate across partitions, while special mappings allow operators to manage multiple partitions with a single username and password.

The widget desktop allows users to create a customized desktop that can display the real-time data they want to see. Each widget provides a window with a unique function, such as streaming video, sorting alarm data or displaying content from other systems. Users can place widgets wherever they like on the display, define multiple widget desktop layouts, and can save and recall their layouts. Additionally, layout defaults can be assigned by the system operator, so that different users see different views of the system.

“By coupling new partitioning capabilities with a widget desktop, we are giving system owners greater control over how the S2 NetBox and S2 Enterprise systems work and look,” said John L. Moss, CEO of S2 Security. “Now, multiple tenant facilities, such as office spaces, school systems and other large facilities can invest in a single, large system, and dole it out as smaller versions of the same system with customizable monitoring displays. This increased flexibility and enhanced user control is a significant development for the S2 Security family of products.”

S2 Security’s products are uniquely advanced integrated physical security management systems. They are the first security management systems to deploy network appliance architecture with a Web browser-delivered user interface, vastly reducing installation and maintenance costs while increasing reliability. Because of the inherent scalability, S2 NetBox systems are cost-effective IP-based physical security systems.

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