Biometrics Protecting Construction Site Of Plutonium Storage Facility

Hand geometry biometric readers are now controlling access to the construction site of the new plutonium storage facility at British Nuclear Group’s Sellafield site in the United Kingdom. The readers were supplied by Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies and installed by Human Recognition Systems.

Combined card and hand geometry biometric readers are installed at the different access points of the site. Due to the high risk nature of the site, the stringent access control includes biometric verification along with a photo ID badge which stores cardholder information, including safety qualifications and next of kin details.

This is all controlled remotely via a centralized database located off site and the access points only interrogate the database once entry is requested. This added measure means that an individual’s data is not stored at each biometric entry point which increases security whilst protecting the individual’s private details. The centralized control system also means that cards can be created quickly and efficiently and, when necessary, instantly terminated.

Contactor Carillion PLC required a high performance and effective security system for this sensitive site which would stand up to the heavy traffic and harsh environment. Importantly, the system is able to track and monitor time and attendance across multiple sites and provide instantaneous muster reports in case of emergency evacuation.

This means that management are able to report quickly on how many people are currently in any given area. Providing BNFL with this information enables them to comply with industry regulations which state that all personnel must be accounted for within 20 minutes of the announcement of a site emergency.

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