Gamewell-FCI Introduces Video Smoke Detection

Gamewell-FCI is now incorporating video smoke detection—which is designed to effectively detect smoke in large, voluminous areas and challenging environments affected by airflow, stratification and background movement—into its line of products. Computer analyses of images from standard CCTV cameras identify smoke at its source, producing fast, reliable detection results. Developed by D-Tec, the FireVu line of VSD products are easy to install and are available now for use with Gamewell-FCI's complete portfolio of fire alarm systems.

By spotting smoke at its source, the dilution of smoke or high airflow that typically lengthens detection times of standard detectors has no affect on VSD. FireVu products are flexible enough to fit any environment and its detection sensitivity parameters can be modified remotely.

Large, open facilities often find VSD a more reliable and economical solution as opposed to using numerous beam detectors or other standard detection devices. Historic buildings and high-value properties appreciate VSD for its quick detection capabilities and minimal equipment and wiring requirements.

Existing CCTV security cameras can also be utilized by FireVu for VSD. Multiple zones can be defined for a camera view in which smoke and flames are to be detected. Each zone has a set of parameters that provide complete control over the detection algorithm. These parameters are configured individually for each zone in order to cater for a wide variety of application scenarios. Information from multiple cameras can also be combined to enhance the detection process.

Throughout the world, voluminous structures such as tunnels, aircraft hangars, refineries, warehouses, factories, recycling centers and atria have already put this technology to work. With VSD as an integral part of a Gamewell-FCI fire alarm system, occupants and emergency responders receive immediate notification of any present threats. Real-time VSD event information is also provided via a Web-based user interface.

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