Highest Crime Areas Unwatched

Metrorail, better known as Metro Washington, D.C. has installed 20 exterior surveillance cameras at 12 stations in the District of Columbia and Fairfax County, Va. Sounds like a pretty good idea, and I suppose riders of the public transit system can feel a bit safer. After all, cameras help deter and prevent crime.

There is a small glitch, in that according to Metro crime statistics, four areas with the highest number of violent crimes last year will go without new surveillance cameras. State transportation officials said surveillance cameras are not likely at the New Carrolton station, Largo Town Center, the Suitland and College Park stations any time soon.

Officials have identified Metrorail stations where external surveillance cameras will help deter and prevent crime along with assisting police with criminal investigations, but apparently more help is needed.

Having used Metro and various other public transit utilities worldwide, I know that riders want to feel safe. For the most part, these are hard working people who want to get from home to work and back again without any trouble. What Metro has done is a good start and hopefully it will continue to expand on all transit lines, including parking lots.

The District of Columbia has spent $200,000 for 17 cameras and Fairfax County provided $75,000. I hope government officials will continue to pursue this until all stops along the Metro line are safe and secure.

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Ralph C. Jensen is editor-in-chief of Security Today magazine.

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