Brink’s Home Security Announces Name Change

Brink’s Home Security Holdings Inc. recently announced that it is changing the name of its home and business security offering to Broadview Security.

The company noted that its NYSE ticker symbol, “CFL,” which represents its mission to create “Customers For Life,” will remain the same.

“Our new name, Broadview Security, reflects the wide range of security services we offer and the active protection we provide to families and businesses,” Allen said. “It represents our long-standing commitment to deliver peace of mind to our customers. Broadview Security provides a strong platform to continue our growth through the expansion of our security offerings.”

Brink’s Home Security Holdings Inc. spun off as a separate publicly traded entity from its former parent on October 31, 2008. As a condition of the spin-off, the company is required to change its brand name and corporate name within three years. Today’s announcement marks the introduction of the new brand, Broadview Security.

The development of the new brand will be supported by a major marketing investment of an estimated incremental $70-$120 million over the next two to three years. The majority of the investment will focus on direct response television advertising. The new advertising campaign will break on July 6 on over 40 cable television stations, introducing Broadview Security and carrying the tag line “the next generation of Brink’s Home Security.”

“Our customers can expect the same high-quality, award-winning service from our dedicated employees that has kept our company at the forefront of the security industry for the past 25 years,” Allen said. “We are very excited about our new brand name, Broadview Security. We believe we are exceptionally well-positioned for continued growth in our customer base, revenues and profits.”

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