British Columbia Uses Datacard Technology For Enhanced Driver’s License Program

Datacard Group, provider secure ID and card personalization solutions, announced recently that the Canadian province of British Columbia will use the Datacard MX6000 Card Issuance System, the SecureCapture solution, and the MXD card delivery system, with the MXI envelope insertion system in its innovative enhanced driver’s license (EDL) program.

The United States Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative (WHTI) requires all travelers, including Canadian and U.S. citizens, to present a passport or other approved documents that confirm identity and citizenship when entering the United States. This policy, while helping to ensure border security has made daily crossings for commuters much more difficult. This was the impetus for the development of British Columbia’s enhanced driver’s license program. The province’s new enhanced driver’s license meets WHTI requirements and is an acceptable travel document for entry from Canada into the U.S. by land and water.

Each EDL contains the same information as a regular driver’s license, but also features enhancements required for WHTI compliance -- a machine-readable zone that can be scanned at the customs inspection booth and a radio frequency identification technology (RFID) chip that will facilitate traveler processing at the U.S. border.

IBM Canada, the prime contract holder for the program, chose Datacard Group because no one else could offer every element of the solution and put all of the unique processes in-line.

“No other single manufacturer can offer this kind of complete solution,” said Fred Ketcho, regional vice president of Americas sales and service for Datacard Group. “The modular design of the MX6000, MXD, and MXI systems is the perfect answer for this type of application. It lets the issuer put all of the processes in-line -- from blank card to sealed envelope -- creating a more easily secured and cost effective production environment.”

The total solution includes the SecureCapture camera solution, used in the local license offices for the secure capture and handling of the applicant’s digital photo; the MX6000 card issuance system for high speed card personalization, and the MX6000 modules for laser photo engraving, magnetic stripe encoding and RFID reading. The combination of the MXD and MXI fulfillment systems provide custom form printing, card affixing and envelope insertion for mailing.

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