Firetide’s MIMO-Based Wireless Mesh Solution Providing Up To 300 MBps Throughput

Firetide Inc., a provider of wireless infrastructure mesh networks, recently announced the immediate customer availability of its new MIMO-based Firetide HotPort 7000 wireless solution with early customers including the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department and Valley Ag Software achieving up to 300 MBps performance in outdoor environments.

Early customers report that the new infrastructure mesh product is delivering up to 10 times the performance of any other wireless mesh network equipment, giving them greater flexibility in the design and deployment of their infrastructure mesh networks, and enabling the addition of new applications and services on a single network never before possible.

“Based on our testing, we expect to achieve up to 300 MBps for a point-to-point backhaul transport connection that will expand our video surveillance wireless infrastructure mesh network to cover Ted Watkins Memorial Park in Los Angeles, which, like much of the city, is a very congested RF area,” said Chris Kovac, deputy sheriff of Advanced Surveillance and Protection (ASAP) for the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department.

“The price and performance of Firetide’s MIMO is unrivaled by any other wireless mesh provider that we know of. This phenomenal performance also gives us flexibility in the deployment of Firetide mesh products, providing a single vendor solution for multiple configuration needs and reducing costs dramatically for backhaul solutions. For example, using Firetide’s MIMO in the Ted Watkins Park deployment will provide the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department with the same performance of dedicated backhaul equipment (deployed in the past) but at an approximate savings of 70 percent.”

Valley Ag Software of Tulare, Calif. deployed Firetide MIMO-based network in Hilmar, Calif. well-known to the local integrators for its hostile RF environment due to competing infrastructure providers. Because of the uniquely integrated spectrum analysis and network planning tools in the Firetide MIMO solution, the deployment in such a hostile area was straightforward. They were able to work around the interference, identify less used frequencies, and push through more bandwidth than before.

“The integrated spectrum analysis tools saved us time and money,” said Sean Woods, IT manager of Valley Ag Software. “At a glance, we were able to find the best frequencies to use at a lot less cost than using the more expensive standalone products. We were also able to do remote troubleshooting, see what’s interfering and move away from bad areas.”

Valley Ag is also looking at deploying Firetide MIMO for water management where its high performance and flexibility to support other community applications can be an attractive and cost-effective solution to more traditional infrastructures such as T1s.

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