We're On The Right Track

Putting up the perfect Web site takes a lot of time and patience. We’ve made some modifications to our Web site, and we hope you find them pleasing and informative.

What we’re really hoping for is that you’ll stick around longer and use us as a resource for the security industry. You’ll notice our most exciting change -- a slideshow front and center on the page that highlights some of the newest of the new products available to you, our reader.

You’ll also find the most recent video on the slideshow as well. This is something new we’re trying to master, much like the podcast, but it offers streaming video in a question-and-answer format. We’ve kept the podcasts and videos to a minimum of a few minutes, yet they will be packed with information and informative voices.

The left hand navigation bar will soon include some of the hottest topics in the industry, plus a listing of what we feel are the hottest products today. We’ve kept a listing of feature stories from this month’s issue just below the opening screen and a group of featured new products. We’re also planning to implement -- at the bottom of the page -- a resource guide to podcasts and recent video interviews.

We feel you’ll like our redesigned Web site because it also will host a direct link to white papers and industry-specific topics that are applicable to the issues faced by the industry today.

From an unscientific poll conducted by our staff, we found that visitors to our Web site wanted more information on new products. We responded and also would like to know what other changes on the Web site would be most beneficial. Please let me know if you think we should make other changes. Otherwise, we feel like were headed on the right track getting the newest of the new products online.

About the Author

Ralph C. Jensen is editor-in-chief of Security Today magazine.

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