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Intransa Expands Development, Certification Facilities

Intransa, provider of simple, green video surveillance solutions for physical security, recently announced it had completed relocation of key headquarters and development functions to a new facility located in Cupertino, Calif.

“We’d reached the limits of the lab space in the San Jose facility, in particular for the Intransa StorAlliance Certification Lab,” said Alan Rowe, Intransa CTO. “When the Intransa VideoAppliance was introduced earlier this year, demand from physical security vendors for certification for inclusion on the new platform dramatically increased. With the new facilities, we are able to meet that increased demand, while continuing our development of the industry’s leading video surveillance platform.”

Intransa VideoAppliances eliminate the complexity and cost of integrating commodity servers, storage and other hardware, delivering an installer-ready IP surveillance solution for simplicity, improved reliability and energy savings.

The new facility, with significantly improved and enlarged lab space, allows for ever-expanding interoperability testing.

“First floor access to the certification and R & D Labs makes life a lot easier to move equipment freely into and out of the building, which we didn’t have previously,” Rowe said. He noted that phone, email, fax and web address are unchanged by the move to the new facilities.

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