IP Video Cameras Help Bakery Chain Understand Customers’ Shopping Behavior

Kindo Bakery is the largest bakery chain in Vietnam with more than 60 branches in operation across the nation. In order to improve customer satisfaction, the manager wanted to manage the stores in a more efficient way, including staffing and display of commodities.

The manager was struck by the idea of installing a surveillance system so as to understand customers' shopping behavior and then develop business strategies to optimize the store management. With the advice from VIVOTEK's Vietnamese distributor Taitouch, a large amount of VIVOTEK network cameras were deployed in the chain stores.

Due to the small area of each chain store, IP7133 and PT7135 network cameras were selected. The PT7135s were installed to offer an overview of the entire store with their pan/tilt capability while the IP7133s were aimed to monitor customers in key spots including the counter, the commodity shelves and the entrance. Both of the IP7133s and PT7135s come with a compact design that blends into the decor so customers do not feel intimidated during shopping. Also, the cameras provide 3G support, allowing the manager to keep an eye on any of the stores without traveling back and forth.

With VIVOTEK network cameras, Kindo Bakery is able to collect customer information such as their buying patterns and use it in business strategy development, for example, rearranging the store layout to make commodities more accessible to customers and improve customer circulation.

"VIVOTEK's IP surveillance system really cuts the mustard." said the manager of Kindo Bakery. "Many customers have told us how they admired our changes in the stores. We are glad that we chose VIVOTEK to share the workload of our staff. This is more efficient and productive than requiring our staff to observe customer behavior daily."

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