Frost & Sullivan Lauds Mobotix Technology

In a recent study on state-of-the-art solutions in video surveillance technology, Frost & Sullivan has identified Mobotix AG's new hemispheric technology as among the most innovative developments in high resolution video surveillance.

In Frost & Sullivan's ongoing coverage of electronic security products and end-user markets, the world's first 360-degree, low profile, and high resolution fixed security camera introduced by Mobotix, an IP video solutions provider, is seen to be reshaping the face of the video surveillance industry.

Frost & Sullivan believes, "The availability on the market of highly effective hemispheric camera technology is the most significant advance CCTV has witnessed in its history, the results of which will drive the success of the video surveillance industry for decades to come."

This breakthrough technology offers countless advantages for the video surveillance industry. The economic benefits of high resolution cameras -- and particularly a hemispheric design -- include the need for fewer cameras in a video surveillance system, and reduced installation cost. In addition, the ability to add more cameras anywhere within the network makes the installation of a video surveillance system flexible and scalable. These features are crucial for enabling the wide range of new applications driving today's video surveillance market: Remote multi-location monitoring, reliable facial recognition, advanced passenger screening, automatic number plate recognition, intelligent stadium security, advanced traffic surveillance, etc.

The high resolution fixed camera featuring Mobotix AG's hemispheric technology views and records a complete room or scene, capturing all events and information from any area of that scene in detail. With this technology in place, no event can be missed, and multiple areas of a scene can be viewed by different operators from different locations using just one camera. One fixed high resolution hemispheric camera can thus replace three or four lower resolution cameras, and with intelligent on-board recording can reduce both bandwidth and server costs by recording and/or transmitting only when an event is occurring and saving only the relevant parts of the scene.

The Mobotix hemispheric technology offers high quality 180-degree panoramic views and virtual PTZ precisely because it is able to process the high resolution, uncompressed raw images for the hemispheric 3D-transformation, in the camera itself.

A ceiling-mounted hemispheric camera is capable of covering the entire room, generating two 180 panoramic views simultaneously. The cameras are discreet, and guarantee the subject is always visible and everything is recorded.

"It is by developing such unique leading-edge technology that Mobotix has steadily evolved to become the recognized market leader in high resolution video systems globally. The company is also playing a pivotal role in the transition of the whole CCTV industry from outdated analogue systems to high resolution digital surveillance systems," said Frost & Sullivan's electronics and security research team.

High resolution intelligent digital cameras, incorporating two way audio (VOIP), have brought about a huge improvement in the performance of surveillance equipment in a wide range of industry applications and industry sectors. The benefits of such technology include the dramatic improvement in forensic data for preventing and responding to crime of all sorts, as well as making it possible not just to monitor but also to communicate with remotely-based staff, rescue workers, or even would-be criminals under observation.

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