IQinVision, Pivot3, Veracity Announce Launch Of designIP Symposiums

IQinVision, Pivot 3 and Veracity USA recently announced the creation of the designIP series of symposiums. The initial designIP event will be held in Chicago at the Blackstone Renaissance Hotel on Thursday, October 1. The second designIP will be held on Thursday, October 8 at the Midtown Executive Club in New York.

The designIP series events will feature presentations from all three companies covering the migration from analog to digital video surveillance. Unlike other seminars, which often find attendees sitting through long sales pitches, designIP series attendees will learn practical, actionable steps that can be taken when moving from analog to IP. Presentations will detail how best to design an IP-based surveillance system that can maximize cost-effectiveness without sacrificing security results. Crucial insights from the presentations will include:

  • How to separate "wants" from "needs" when architecting a megapixel surveillance solution.
  • How to take advantage of existing infrastructure, whether it be coaxial cable or long Ethernet cabling runs, when installing IP solutions.
  • What Power over Ethernet really means and how to understand its uses and benefits.
  • How virtualization with iSCSI storage can reduce acquisition and support costs by up to 50 percent.
  • Selecting a video management system that is scalable and flexible to meet high network demand.
  • Designing an IP video system that exceeds the customer’s expectations every time.

“There is so much information out there, and a lot of it is confusing or even misleading,” said Paul Bodell, IQinVision’s chief marketing officer. “designIP has been organized with these leading companies to cut through the clutter and to deliver objective information on how best to design your video surveillance system to achieve your security and financial goals.”

“There is a pressing need for practical advice on how to deploy IP technologies” said Lee Caswell, founder and chief marketing officer at Pivot3. “This series is designed to fill in the knowledge gaps created by the convergence of IT and physical security.”

“The event is designed to show people that moving from an analog system to an IP system is fundamentally easier than they might think,” said Scott Sereboff, Veracity USA’s CEO. “Our goal is to present to the attendees some technology-based pathways that make the move from analog to IP less expensive, less complex, and less of a headache than what they’ve seen to date."

The program will also feature an “interactive lunch” sponsored by Exacq Technologies. Each designIP series event is $49 per participant. For a full agenda and to register for the event, please visit

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