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On day two of ASIS, naturally the biggest news for us was the announcement of the winners of Security Products’ first New Product of the Year contest. Members of the editorial team delivered trophies to the winners Tuesday afternoon.

For me, it was like giving gifts at Christmas; the winners were very excited, and we already can’t wait to see how the contest grows next year. In case you missed it, be sure to check out our Web site to see the full winners’ list.

Earlier in the day, Optelecom-nkf had a few announcements of its own. The company’s video servers and IP cameras can now be viewed on more than 600 mobile devices, including the iPhone, Blackberrys and Windows Mobile, all via mobiDEOS’ MobileCamViewer. The solution instantly streams high-quality video from the company’s Siqura line to users’ mobile devices. As anyone on the ASIS floor can tell, mobile devices are practically taking over the industry. (Sometimes I think I’m the last holdout to join the iPhone revolution…) And of course, empowering first responders, police officials, executives and security personnel to access and control their surveillance systems while on-the-go only makes life easier.

Every year, attendees and exhibitors at ASIS ask me my pick for most innovative or interesting product at the show. This year, I was excited to have a chance meeting with Richard J. Henry, CEO of RobberStopper, whose anti-theft devices are designed to stop a criminal in his tracks -- and make sure he high-tails it the other way. The company’s flagship product, pepperalarm, uses motion detection and a type of concentrated pepper spray to, as Henry says, prevent theft, rather than simply report it.

The product is capable of “contaminating” a 500-square-foot area in about one second, with a series of quick sprays. pepperalarm is designed to be environmentally safe, and it leaves no residue, Henry says. Criminals, as you can imagine, get the hint quickly. There’s even an in-vehicle version for businesses that haul big-ticket equipment or individuals who want a little extra protection on their luxury cars. I don’t even want to imagine the sting of pepper spray within the tight quarters of a car.

Speaking of RobberStopper, don’t miss my video interview with Richard Henry -- as well as a discussion with Brian Sanderford, national sales manager at Dortronics -- which will be featured on our Web site later this week.

Wednesday is the last day of the show for most of the editorial team. I’m looking forward to hearing what Condoleezza has to say before wrapping up another successful ASIS.

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