Back In The Office After ASIS

After three days on the ASIS show floor, it seems somewhat anticlimactic to be back in the office, but now the work begins in earnest.

The question always arises whether or not I’ve seen anything new and exciting. Quite simply, yes, there were plenty of innovative products at ASIS this year.

Here are a few key observations from the past three days. Panasonic Security Solutions announced a new president in Bill Taylor. He seems like a breath of fresh air that was, quite frankly, needed at Panasonic. Anyway you hold it or fold it, Panasonic is a leader in thought and product in the industry, and having Taylor in charge will work to the company’s advantage.

I bumped into Rob Hile, now with Siemens Technologies, who left Adesta for the new post. Siemens scored a huge win in getting Hile on board.

Rhianna Daniels, formerly the editor of Security Director News, is the managing director of CompassPR and is working with PSIA. I am confident she will serve them well.

And, after rounding one of the many corners in the Orange County Convention Center, I quite literally bumped in to Frank Abram, now the vice president of sales and operations at Vitek. He said what I heard a lot of during the show. It would seem sales are on their way back up, meaning the economy is rebounding.

As far as products BRS Labs launched its video surveillance technology called Behavioral Analytics, which leverages cognitive reasoning and processes visual data on a level similar to the human brain. I believe this is a paradigm-shifting technology that will stand out in the industry.

In chatting with Bob Beliles of Hirsch, subsidiary SCM Microsystems offers one of the broadest range of contact, contactless and mobile smart card readers technologies available. Hirsch brought SCM into the fold to help accelerate growth into new markets in ID convergence and offer better access to solutions and resources.

Yes, there was a technology that I thought was a step above its competition. Fujitsu announced it PalmSecure, a palm vein technology, which is contactless, offers advanced authentication and is a biometric authentication for third-party single sign one solutions. There were many more solutions available to the tradeshow visit. We plan to talk about the applications and solutions for a long time to come. We’ll send out one more tradeshow electronic newsletter in about a week, and discuss our events via the print publication and on our Web site.

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