Outsourcing Solution Helps Streamline Security At Georgia Credit Union

A comprehensive Integrated Services solution from Diebold Inc. is helping Atlanta's Delta Community Credit Union streamline security management and reduce costs.

The outsourcing agreement makes Diebold the single-source provider for Delta Community Credit Union's access control, credential management and monitoring solutions. Outsourced security models provide financial institutions with end-to-end solutions, while reducing costs, improving efficiencies and trimming administrative requirements. Diebold Integrated Services delivers world-class outsourced services for financial institutions' non-core operations.

"It was a win-win situation all the way around to bring this all under one umbrella," said Gail Ruppersburg, physical security specialist, properties and facilities for the Delta Community Credit Union. "Now that our system is more self-sufficient and more automated, it makes one less thing on branch managers' plates. They can turn toward growing the branch, growing the credit union and managing staff."

Before implementing Delta's outsourced solution, Diebold completed a thorough security assessment of the full-service financial institution's operation, which includes 19 branch locations in the metro Atlanta area, three out-of-state branches and more than 30 surcharge-free ATMs. The assessment revealed the need to upgrade hardware on access doors, improve access control management and reduce staff maintenance needs.

Diebold installed a new access control system run by a central program that controls the credit union's entrance doors, vaults, alarms and credentials. Leveraging Diebold's Managed Access Control monitoring service, security managers can easily adjust personnel access permissions -- by individual, time and location -- using a secure Web site. In addition, they can promptly create access reports when investigating security incidents and for auditing purposes.

"Our Integrated Services allows Delta Community Credit Union to rely on a professional outsourcing alliance with Diebold as an integral component of their security strategies," said Bradley J. Stephenson, vice president of Diebold Security division. "By partnering with a security integrator for outsourced solutions, financial institutions can focus on their core capabilities. At the same time, they can realize the advantages of new security solutions and continually updated technology without the traditional upfront expenses associated with acquiring and maintaining these systems."

As part of the outsourced solution, Diebold also manages preventive maintenance for the credit union's security equipment. Diebold's DVR health check runs automated diagnostics for the institution's 45 DVRs and surveillance equipment. Any potential trouble spots, such as a malfunctioning camera, lost connectivity to the network or an overheated DVR, are reported directly to Ruppersburg, who previously had to physically inspect each piece of equipment herself.

"The relationship [with Diebold] is dramatically lowering our costs related to labor and preventive maintenance," Ruppersburg said. "Now I don't have to worry about something as small as a battery going dead or something as large as a cellular backup for an alarm panel failing."

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