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Tradeshows provide an excellent opportunity for manufacturers to pitch their newest new products, though there’s no possible way to see every one and every thing.

A Canadian company, Signalink Technologies, has recently released its UL-listed Fire-Link II. Residents of older apartment buildings can employ this device for improved fire alarm capabilities and safety standards for new buildings. This system is a power line network that activates audible and visible alarms inside apartment buildings with no in-suite alarms.

At its core, Fire-Link is deployed across the electrical wiring infrastructure that already exists in any building as a ready-made network, eliminating the need for the additional wiring when retrofitting apartments and condominiums.

FLIR Systems also launched a host of new products, as well as adding a new suite of fixed, pan/tilt and dome cameras to its already popular line of thermal security products.

All cameras are network-enabled and, as demonstrated in the following videos, that clarity and a variety of configuration options are available in the cameras. The F-, PT- and D-series of cameras are expected to deliver 24/7 video security coverage, and they do it well over IP networks, including a built-in Web interface.

"FLIR is proud to continue supporting the security industry with three new lines of thermal security cameras," said Earl Lewis, CEO of FLIR Systems.

I had the opportunity to review and touch these cameras the evening prior to ASIS, and true to advertisement, they come as billed. They are high-quality thermal security cameras that blend daylight/lowlight cameras together in a network-enabled dome configuration.

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FLIR's thermal imaging cameras can still detect body heat through inanimate objects. Here, a man is attempting to hide inside a kiddie pool.

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The cameras can detect heat in any type of weather, even on a foggy day.

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Even if there is a lot blocking what you're trying to monitor, the cameras can still detect movement around the area. Here, the cameras detect someone behind a large curtain of smoke.

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