Security Officers Serve As First Responders In Emergency Situations

The World Bank, which provides a vital source of financial and technical assistance to developing countries around the world, selected AlliedBarton Security Services as its physical security services provider in April 2008. The World Bank, located in Washington, D.C., chose AlliedBarton for its expertly trained, multi-cultural security team as it reflects the many cultures represented at the bank.

The AlliedBarton security team consists of 205 professionals including armed special police officers (SPO), security officers, fire/life safety personnel, investigators, electronic systems administrators and analysts, security operation center personnel and managers.

“ We believe in finding the best quality people to work on our security team,” said Gordon McIntosh, The World Bank’s chief of security operations. “The AlliedBarton team includes highly trained and engaged security personnel who go above and beyond for our community each and every day.”

On July 8, SPO Mohamed Radwan was approached by a World Bank staff member who reported an accident on I-Street, across from The World Bank’s offices. SPO Radwan responded to the scene immediately and observed two males lying in the middle of I-Street with a Yamaha motorcycle flipped over on the sidewalk.

SPO Radwan, who has worked at The World Bank for 13 years, immediately reported the emergency situation to The World Bank Security Operations Center (SOC) and called 911 to have EMS and Police dispatched to the scene. SPO Radwan then placed traffic cones to block oncoming vehicles to ensure the safety of the injured males, and assumed control of the traffic and accident scene.

Maintaining the safety of the victims and the integrity of the accident scene were Radwan’s top priorities.

“A bystander asked me to move the injured man to the sidewalk so that the flow of traffic would not be interrupted,” Radwan said. “I advised the bystander that it was more important to avoid causing additional injuries to the accident victim than it was to restore the usual traffic patterns.”

“As I waited for the arrival of EMS, I needed to ensure that the victims were not moved,” said SPO Radwan, who recently completed the MSO 5; the highest level of AlliedBarton’s Master Security Officer training. SPO Radwan tended to both victims and learned that the man who was struck by the motorcycle was a World Bank employee. He was bleeding from the head and complaining of pain in his upper thigh. The driver of the motorcycle was sitting on the curb, and while visibly shaken, did not appear to have any obvious injuries.

AlliedBarton security officers are trained to respond quickly to accidents and emergencies, contact the appropriate authorities as needed, report details and administer first aid while taking necessary actions to keep victims and bystanders safe.

As the first responder to the accident scene, SPO Radwan concentrated on directing traffic, checking on the condition of the injured man and sending radio updates to SOC. He also identified witnesses to the accident and asked them to remain on the scene to be interviewed by the DC Metropolitan Police Department (MPD).

When the DC Fire Department and EMS ambulances arrived to the scene, the Emergency Medical Technicians were briefed and the victims turned over to their care. Both victims were then transported to George Washington Hospital by the DC Fire Department EMS. The DC MPD also arrived and SPO Radwan directed the investigating Police Officer to the eyewitnesses.

“Officer Radwan did not immediately know whether the victim was an employee or a civilian, but he acted as an outstanding first responder and showed great respect for the victim,” McIntosh said. “He has set a high standard for the security team to emulate, and his actions raise the bar for all security personnel working at all of our buildings.”

“Radwan’s nickname in the office is ‘Bull’s-Eye,’ due to his unflagging commitment to achieving the precise accomplishment of his goals,” said Ronald Roland, CPP, and AlliedBarton’s Project Manager for The World Bank.

“Many people forget that our security officers are first responders to crisis situations. They are called upon to do what any police officer would do to secure a scene, protect injured parties and keep the overall situation under control,” said Clayton Young, vice president and general manager for AlliedBarton’s Washington, D.C. region.

At the annual Security Officer Appreciation Awards Banquet by the National Capital Region chapter of the American Society for Industrial Security International (ASIS), SPO Muhamed Radwan was named the “2009 Security Professional of the Year.”

“SPO Radwan displayed poise and leadership, and this reflects admirably on his dedication and professionalism and on AlliedBarton Security Services,” McIntosh said. “I can’t say I was surprised to find a hero in our ranks. We are currently planning a Security Appreciation Day to honor SPO Radwan and thank the whole security team for their outstanding work.”

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