Proxim Wireless Showcases Two New Solutions

Proxim Wireless Corp. showcased its Tsunami 8100 and QuickBridge 60250 solutionsfor wireless HD video surveillance at ISC East.

Proxim's Tsunami 8100 products provide the ultra high capacity and range for point-to-point backhaul and point-to-multipoint connectivity required to support today's most demanding HD video surveillance deployments.

With over 200 Mbps of throughput -- up to eight times the capacity of existing WiMAX products -- and non-line-of-sight (NLOS) functionality, the Tsunami 8100 solutions provide even greater video application support. Applications include traffic light synchronization, IPTV, mobile video surveillance, wireless backhaul, public access and broadband wireless access.

In addition to the Tsunami 8100 products, Proxim will also highlight its QuickBridge 60250 product, which is a complete hop-in-a-box wireless bundle providing a backhaul link with up to 250 Mbps data rates. The QuickBridge 60250 operates in the 60 GHz license-free band with extremely low latency, making it an ideal backhaul solution in high-density environments. It also provides critical link redundancy for mission critical applications.

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