TSA Approves Millimeter Wave Checkpoint Screening System From L-3

L-3 Security & Detection Systems announced recently that the Transportation Security Administration has approved the ProVision active millimeter wave advanced imaging technology system for use in aviation checkpoints. The approval follows rigorous testing over the past two years.

“TSA’s selection of ProVision as a qualified AIT system demonstrates confidence in our ability to design and deliver safe, effective and efficient threat detection technology,” said Thomas M. Ripp, president of L-3 Security & Detection Systems. “We have worked closely with TSA over the past several years. We have supplied more than 40 systems deployed at 19 airports to ensure that ProVision meets key detection and privacy requirements while delivering strong throughput performance.”

The active millimeter wave technology employed in the ProVision uses harmless radio waves. Threat substances made from virtually any material can be found with the ProVision, including weapons, explosives, narcotics, bomb-making components and other contraband. 

ProVision offers multiple levels of privacy protection that can be customized to support customer-specific operational procedures. Security analysts see a 3-D black and white silhouette that makes it virtually impossible to identify anyone. Privacy is further ensured with options that allow for blurring of facial and other areas. Security analysts assess scans in remote locations separate from the checkpoint and cannot see who is being scanned.

More than 200 ProVision systems are deployed worldwide to protect critical airports and other facilities that include federal and state courthouses, correctional institutions, embassies and border crossings.

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