Pennsylvania Launches State-Wide Emergency Notification System

Pennsylvania Governor Edward G. Rendell recently announced the launch of its state-wide emergency notification system, AlertPA, powered by Cooper Notification’s patented Roam Secure Alert Network (RSAN).

“The system allows citizens to choose to be notified about emergencies and other announcements. When emergencies, severe weather, and other life and health threatening incidents occur, Pennsylvanians can be among the first to know by signing up for AlertPA,” Rendell said. “The system allows citizens to choose to be notified about emergencies and other announcements.”

AlertPA is an interoperable communications system that helps officials quickly send emergency text and email alerts, and other important notifications, to the public to assist them in making informed decisions. Individuals can register for AlertPA by going to and clicking on Alerts & Advisories. Users can choose the method of notification -- pager, text or e-mail -- and select what type of information they would like to receive.

Individuals can choose from a variety of alerts including weather warnings, public health notifications, airport delays, consumer product recalls, prison notifications and more.

In an effort to reach as many people as possible during a prison emergency, the

Department of Corrections is expanding its present notification system with AlertPA. "AlertPA enhances the department's present system by adding text, email and voice message capabilities," said Corrections Secretary Jeffrey A. Beard. "It will be used in conjunction with prison sirens or whistles and the automated telephone system currently used by the department."

For interoperability throughout Pennsylvania, the state and its counties will be able to communicate on a common notification platform through the Roam Secure Information eXchange (RSIX). RSIX also has the technology to collect information from outside sources and automate a variety of alerts such as severe weather, traffic, crime information, state-wide health notifications, river flood stage monitoring information and national notifications, including the Center for Disease Control, Federal Drug Administration and Consumer Products Safety Commission.

“We are pleased that the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania has taken this important step in providing standardized regional alerting and interoperable communications throughout the state,” said Scott Hearn, president of Cooper Notification. “Pennsylvania joins Virginia and the District of Columbia as the third state/jurisdiction who rely on Cooper Notification’s innovative safety and security technologies to help protect their communities.”

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