On the Wings of Wireless

Airport uses wireless solution that combines video, data in one network

A regional Midwest airport needed a way to automate gate security and deliver wireless video surveillance traffic from remote locations back to its monitoring stations.

It had an inefficient and outdated system to protect the gates that consisted of access points that would require hands-on updates at each location every time there were personnel changes.

The security system also included analog cameras at the gates and airport management wished to upgrade its video surveillance capabilities to IP wireless video cameras. The airport needed a high performing wireless solution that was cost effective to deploy and scalable enough to allow for future modifications and expansion.

Azalea Networks created a wireless solution that combined data and video in one network to allow security personnel to easily update employee accessibility to the facilities.

They could allow individual employees access to certain gates at specific timeframes and make changes to the permissions at will. Azalea’s solution also allowed for upgrades of the video surveillance cameras to perform wirelessly over the same network.

Operating over the 4.9 GHz public safety band, the network consisted of Azalea MSR4000 quad-radio and MSR2000 dual-radio routers specifically designed for outdoor use as well as its MSR1000 router for indoor use. The entire network was deployed quickly and easily to allow for future scalability including Wi-Fi access for airport personnel and travelers.

Wireless Advantages
Public safety agencies have been utilizing wireless, radio frequency (RF) communications for over a half-century, originally for voice communications and later for narrowband data applications.

Advances in technology now make wireless ideal for more advanced broadband multimedia applications, and the Federal Communications Commission in the U.S. has recently licensed the 4.9 GHz spectrum for exclusive use in public safety applications, with support for both narrowband and broadband communications. Wireless broadband communications makes it possible for public safety agencies to perform their duties in ways that were unimaginable just a few short years ago.

Live video feeds can give first responders better situational awareness while en route to an incident and command and control personnel can utilize multi-agency collaboration and whiteboarding tools to coordinate response plans. And mobile command centers can bring these and other capabilities right to the scene.

Cost-Saving Technology
Azalea’s wireless solution can save more than 90 percent on installation costs when compared with traditional wired networks. In urban areas, it can be very expensive to trench fiber and obtain the necessary permits to install the network.

Azalea’s solution also is simple and quick to configure. Azalea’s routing protocol allows different subnets for security purposes, providing for greater isolation and more control. Since wireless traffic does not have to come back through a common gateway, setting up the network is greatly simplified.

About the Author

Paul Gassett is director of worldwide marketing communications for Azalea Networks.

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