Interview with Matt S. Nelson, president and CEO of AvaLAN Wireless

Security Products Editor-In-Chief Ralph C. Jensen: Describe the main features and benefits of your product.

Nelson: AvaLAN Wireless Systems Inc. new 4.9 Ghz long range wireless Ethernet Bridge, the AW4900HTP-PAIR, is ideal for public safety applications. The new AW4900HTP-PAIR is a matched set of radios preconfigured as a point-to-point Ethernet bridge. The radios are integrated with 19 dBi directional flat panel antennas. AvaLAN’s new Ethernet Bridge delivers a line-of-sight connection up to 5 miles away with up to 30 watts of Effective Isotropic Radiated Power (EIRP) without sacrificing bandwidth, security or performance. AvaLAN products are an ideal replacement for installations where WiFi systems are under-performing or failing completely due to insufficient range, excessive interference or unsatisfactory reliability.

Jensen: What target customer will benefit most from this product’s features and functionalities?

Nelson: This new long range 4.9 GHz wireless Ethernet Bridge is designed for point-to-point applications requiring higher throughput up to 5 Mbps and is ideally positioned to support IP-based megapixel surveillance cameras. With the expansion of smart city technologies on the rise, AvaLAN’s new 4.9Ghz radio will allow local and state agencies a safe and secure network connection. AvaLAN is continuing their market leadership position in providing robust and reliable wireless solutions for security applications, access control, industrial automation, remote sensing and remote control markets.

Jensen: What sets this product apart from its peers?

Nelson: This new high power, public safety band, higher throughput Ethernet Bridge showcases AvaLAN’s technological leadership through a unique combination of innovation and reliability. This product carries the same robust and reliable connection that has become the signature of AvaLAN’s products. No other company can match the price-performance characteristics of AvaLAN's products.

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