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Wireless broadband company relies on integrator to install IP surveillance systems

Gemtek Technology is a world leader in wireless broadband solutions, but company officials needed assistance with installing a complete IP video surveillance system at their Hsinchu, Taiwan, headquarters.

Brickcom Corp. was contacted to provide equipment and installation of a highly integrated system that would cover the headquarters building, the parking area, factory and dormitory. The campus-based solution needed to provide Gemtek with a quick and easy road from installation to use.

Cost Considerations

As with any installation, multiple scenarios and cost considerations were involved in the IP surveillance at the company's headquarters. The challenge of connecting the surveillance system between buildings, which are more than 200 meters apart, was resolved by leveraging telephone lines and using a MoCA bridge through coaxial cable transmission.

Another challenge was installing the cameras in the elevators, because a standard Ethernet RJ-45 cable cannot handle the constant movement of an elevator. The cable would lose connection within three months. The final solution was to implement a power line to the connection, because the elevator still needed electricity to run mechanisms, such as lighting and ventilation.

The Home Solution

Brickcom quickly went to work, installing its HomePlug AV solution, using original cable wiring, which required additional cable for the IP surveillance connection. The company also employed more than 120 IP cameras and six NVRs.

"Brickcom provided us with a complete and high-quality solution," said Huan Nan, a manager from the administrative department. "We thought it would be very troublesome to set up and manage so many cameras, but they helped us alleviate the process and solve our problems with management."

A WiMAX base station was used to connect the surveillance system between the two main office buildings, which are 500 meters apart. The WiMAX solution provided Gemtek with an economical way to cover the distance and enabled higher bandwidth for IP video transmission. The solution also allowed Gemtek to connect its IP system between the main buildings and other campus facilities.

Another key benefit to the surveillance system is remote access. The analog system required every camera to be connected to a closed security network in order to monitor each location, which would have required extensive cabling and maintenance. With the IP system and WiMAX, a wireless connection brought the four buildings together and introduced the ability to monitor the system from any location via the Internet or mobile device.

About the Author

Ebony Huang is the CEO of Brickcom Corp. Ltd.

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