If You’re Not Part of the Solution, You're Part of the Problem

Everyone wants to talk border security, but truly no one has a solution. The federal government, responsible for our porous borders, does a lot of tongue wagging and finger pointing, but solving the problem escapes officials.

Until now, no one has done much to solve the crisis.

Arizona lawmakers have stepped up to the plate and passed a law that they think will help them curb the flow of illegal immigrants. Lawsuits have followed and more are sure to come.

Here’s the one thing opponents to the Arizona law have forgotten, or conveniently misplaced. Those people coming into the country illegally are breaking the law.

There is a right way to enter this country and a wrong way. They are going about this illegally and therefore breaking the law.

I’ve wondered why Arizonans are doing this. It’s really quite simple. The federal government won’t take charge of the borders and Arizonans have a crisis on their hands. The truth is, the federal government has abdicated its responsibility and the arrogance of the federal lawmakers is astounding.

Opponents to the Arizona border security law are quick  to say that racism plays a larger role here, after all, most of those creeping into the United States illegally are of Latin American descent. Therefore, they contend, all fingers point to Mexicans and Latin Americans.

The down side is that police in Arizona will also now be immigration agents, of sorts, but they can only check legal status when they see a crime. Under the new law, which takes effect in less than 90 days, racial profiling is not permitted. However, the law, which was authored by Republican State Sen. John Huppenthal, says there must be reasonable suspicion about someone’s legal status in the absence of a crime.

Seems to me if law enforcement stops someone who is in this country illegally, a crime has already been committed -- that being of illegal entry to the United States.

The problem of border security isn’t just an Arizona crisis, it also exists in New Mexico, California and here in Texas. The real problem is in Washington, D.C. The president has power and authority to control America’s borders if he wants to. However, the fasted growing demographic in the United States is the Hispanic vote and if either party cracks down on illegal immigration … well, you get the point. Votes are at stake.

The federal government has allowed this situation to grow and fester, much like an ingrown toenail. It’s time to whip out the clippers and take care of the problem.

There is trouble on the border, and its past time to restore peace and order by use of extraordinary means. If you’re not part of the solution, certainly, you are part of the problem.

About the Author

Ralph C. Jensen is editor-in-chief of Security Today magazine.

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