More Than Just A HUG


Every year, the Honeywell Users Group meets in Scottsdale, Ariz. to renew friendships, learns from their peers, exchange best practices and provide hands on training for facility managers.

Known as HUG, Honeywell officials take the time to teach and train facility managers on the latest technology, and receive feedback from those same installers.

This year, Honeywell Users Group introduced their latest technology, the IdentIPpoint access control system, which is IP-based that shifts system intelligence to the card reader, using smart card technology. The product eliminates the need for centralized access controllers and allows access decisions to be made on the spot between the smartcard and the card reader.

“IdentIPoint represents a true shift in how building operators manage access control throughout their facilities,” said Paul Orzeske, president of Honeywell Building Solutions. “Instead of running low-voltage cabling from a door to an expensive controller stored in a remote location, the reader can be placed at any door and connected to the nearest network point of presence. Because the security credentials are managed by the smartcard, the number of cardholders a reader can support is virtually limitless.”

The HUG looks at building needs as a whole, meaning the system examines critical building systems, such as HVAC, building automation, fire, energy management and, of course, the security needs of a building.

“We try to be everything to everyone by being more networked, and helping with the rapid migration to IP,” said Greg Taylor, marketing director Americas at Honeywell Building Solutions. “In terms of security, Honeywell provided the security at the Vancouver 2010 Olympics. With an IP-based network, and a perimeter of 20 miles, we covered 18 venues with a security system as it was intended to be used.”

I’ve been HUGged three or four times and have walked away each year with a fresh perspective of overall building security. It also wouldn’t be a successful event without talking to Greg Turner, director of global offerings at Honeywell Building Solutions.

Turner said the new IdentIPpoint access control product is both forward and backward compatible, is implemented as a wired or wireless IP connectivity and it is a standalone reader.

“This product also is encrypted end to end,” he said.

The life of technology, Turner said, will be the technology associated with storage capabilities, as well as the ability to push security decisions to the edge. He said filtering and processing as close to the camera as possible will be the next wave, although, storage at the camera is not a likely target.

“I believe the customer is still somewhat weary of portable storage,” Turner said. “Storage is cheaper in bulk. While there may be some memory at the camera in terms of solid state, fixed flash, storage is best handled off site.”

Honeywell Building Solutions puts together a great group HUG each year, and allows me the opportunity to see how security is networked with other critical infrastructure services.

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