Assisted Living Facility Uses Mitsubishi Technology To Improve Security, Lower Costs

Providing a safe, secure environment for their residents is a top priority for the administration at The Rosewood House II Assisted Living Facility in Dunedin, Fla. Maintaining that environment, however, can be an expensive and time-consuming task if it is not done properly.

To reduce costs, optimize business processes and vastly improve overall security, the administration recently called on the Control Room Group, a division of AVI-SPL, to custom-design and upgrade their security surveillance system with three DX-TL4716U-1TB digital video recorders from Mitsubishi Digital Electronics America. The system includes Mitsubishi’s software suite, and eight hours of customized training, provided by AVI-SPL.

Since installing the new Mitsubishi DVRs, Rosewood administrators have been able to manage their time efficiently and optimize workflow and business processes that have a tangible effect on the bottom line. Before they installed the DVRs, monitoring guests’ activities and employees meant spending hours fast-forwarding through empty time on outdated DVRs. Now, with the movement graphs and filters that come standard on the new DVRs and custom programmed software, they are able to see the exact point in the footage where movement occurs, effectively positioning them in the right place at the right time, all the time.

“We’re combining a custom programmed software suite, cameras and Mitsubishi DVRs to both monitor the perimeter, as well as help control costs and add to the bottom line,” said Mike Spiessbach, security market manager for the Control Room Group who oversaw the installation. “These DVRs provide the administration with a level of business intelligence that was not there before, allowing them to effectively fine-tune their business.”

Since installing the new surveillance system three months ago, the administration has already noticed an increased return on investment. They have been able to optimize resource allocation through an analysis of employee break habits and work flow patterns, which translates into more intelligent scheduling.

They’ve also seen a reduction in supply costs through tracking of supply movement, storage and usages; and they’ve seen a reduction in food supply costs through video analysis of food storage and preparation management.

Rosewood has also seen a greater increase in overall security and internal operations. Inventory and supply misplacement has declined and supply tracking and usage has been refined, which owner Cheryl Moore credits to an increase in effective monitoring of trash bins, supply closets, laundry facilities, break areas, entry’s, exits, and food storage. What’s more, management is armed with video analysis tools that help ensure the employees provide optimal patient care in common areas, resulting in overall lower liability costs.  Surveillance cameras are not placed in guest rooms due to HIPAA regulation.

“Historically, closed circuit television security cameras have only been able to provide video surveillance and security, but now we can enable cameras to perform multiple tasks that can impact a facility’s cost control and profitability,” Spiessbach said. “In addition to improved security, our DVRs and custom surveillance systems provide actionable intelligence that helps in assessing risk, controlling costs and making more informed business decisions.”

Before installing the custom designed surveillance system, Spiessbach along with Art Paquet, security system design engineer for the Control Room Group, surveyed the facility and interviewed management to assess areas of opportunity both in security surveillance and operational improvement.

After observing and analyzing daily operations, strategic camera locations were pinpointed in multiple positions covering: supply closets, pharmaceutical areas, hallways, and in the kitchen and dining room.  The new system provides multi-point viewable monitoring that allows management to view video and software analysis simultaneously in the security control room and across their secure network.

In addition to installing new cameras, the Control Room Group also upgraded and expanded the existing 25 cameras to 45 cameras and incorporated them into the new Mitsubishi DVR system. After they installed the components of this custom designed surveillance system, the Control Room Group also provided on site customized training for the security personnel and managers who were responsible for monitoring, and provided more customer service options for troubleshooting, maintenance and additional assistance.

“We are pleased that the Rosewood House II Assisted Living Facility selected the Control Room Group to implement this very important technology system,” said Control Room Group’s Sales Manager David Jones. “The system not only benefits the enterprise but also the guests who reside at the facility by providing a high level of security and safety.  We are looking forward to working with Rosewood II House on future projects.”  

The Control Room Group, a division of AVI-SPL, specializes in the design, integration, installation and support of 24/7/365 mission critical control room facilities and physical security systems.

 By working with more than 600 manufacturers of control room components, the Control Room Group consistently provides custom designed control room facilities utilizing common off the shelf (COTS) components that meet the unique requirements of its clients. For more than eight years, the Control Room Group has designed and built mission control room facilities for a variety of high level government, transportation, corporate and utility and process control clients.


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