Morpho Detection Previews Shoe-scanning Device at Indianapolis Airport

Morpho Detection Inc. has launched a data collection study of its next-generation ShoeScanner™ at Indianapolis International Airport, one of the final steps in preparing the shoe-scanning solution for regulatory approvals.

The data collection is taking place at Indianapolis International Airport’s pre-security Civic Plaza and is expected to provide critical insights into real-world operational requirements, such as human interaction and ease-of-use. Morpho Detection’s latest-technology shoe-scanning device is designed to detect shoe-borne threats, allowing air travelers to be screened at security checkpoints without the need to remove their shoes.

“We’re excited to take this important next step toward the acceptance and adoption of advanced shoe screening technology,” said Dennis Cooke, president and CEO of Morpho Detection. “There is a growing global demand for a convenient and effective shoe-scanning option, and we’re pleased to offer Indianapolis travelers the opportunity to be part of the final development of this solution.”

“The Indianapolis Airport Authority is pleased to partner with Morpho Detection as a test location for this project,” said Mark Hedegard, IAA’s senior director of business development. “We fully support the research and development of new airport security innovations and are very interested in systems that will enable us to enhance and improve the overall airport experience for passengers.”

Morpho Detection’s SSD technology can detect a wide range of explosives and metal shoe-borne threats using multiple integrated technologies, including Ion Trap Mobility Spectroscopy, Quadrupole Resonance and active metal weapons detection. Designed for high-volume and throughput, the ShoeScanner provides a convenient, quick and effective scan for metal and explosives not only in shoes, but also on the lower leg.

“The Indianapolis data collection will take us one step closer to the checkpoint of the future – armed with real-world data, we are confident we can deliver highly effective shoe scanners that provide a fast, convenient solution for air travelers,” said John C. Hill, chief technology officer at Morpho Detection.

The Morpho Detection ShoeScanner is the next-generation evolution of the former SRT (Secure Registered Traveler) Kiosk, which integrated explosives detection and shoe-scanning technologies along with biometric identification to support registered traveler programs in the United States. The next-generation ShoeScanner does not incorporate biometric technology.

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