PSA Security Network Announces Project Financing Program

PSA Security Network recently announced a project financing program in conjunction with Integrator Support and Susquehanna Commercial Finance.  This program provides systems integrators new options to gain additional business.  By enabling end-users to acquire the latest technology with flexible payment structures, no down payment and the ability to preserve their credit lines, this project financing program benefits all parties.

Susquehanna Project Financing can include equipment, labor, warranties, maintenance and even monitoring. End-users simply pay one monthly payment for all related services. Integrators collect upon invoicing, and progressive payments can be arranged. This program is not a lease, but is a true finance that allows customers to pre-pay with no penalty after one year, clearly communicates the interest rate, and the end-user owns the equipment at the end of the finance term.

“This is a new way to think about our industry,” said Bill Bozeman, president and CEO of PSA.  “Security integrators have always struggled with cash flow and project sticker shock, this program not only gives the end-user flexibility but provides the integrator the ability to continue the business relationship.”

The sought-after managed-services business model that generates recurring monthly revenue (RMR) is another key component of this program.  Until now, the burglar alarm model that offers end-users a low upfront cost and generates a predictable recurring revenue stream has been unattainable for the systems integration community.  The higher costs of video surveillance and access control systems have prohibited integrators from self-financing installation and equipment charges.

This program, along with Integrator Support’s dealer program, simplifies the implementation of RMR generation for integrators. The combination of project financing with remote video surveillance monitoring, hosted access control, and/or other managed services allows systems integrators to competitively market RMR-generating services through monthly payments and ensures they get paid on time.

“We are honored to have been chosen as the preferred finance company for PSA Security Network and Integrator Support.   Our role is to work with PSA’s system integrators and customers to find the best solution for them,” said Donna Wesemann, CLP, Vice President of Sales, Susquehanna Commercial Finance.  “We look forward to working with the company’s integrators and customers to find the right finance products that will best help them to maintain or increase cash flow so they can run the most efficient business possible.”

For more information about the PSA Security Network’s Project Financing Program please contact John Busardo at 303.450.3478 or

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