Consolidating Services

Single provider helps bank operate more efficiently

When Main Street Bank in Wheeling, W.Va., wanted to streamline its fire alarm system, it turned to a long-time partner, Diebold. Consolidating the bank’s alarm and fire monitoring services under a single provider helped the bank operate more efficiently, and, in turn, provide a higher level of security to its customers and employees.

Main Street Bank’s alarms were monitored by Diebold for years, and the bank’s management team was extremely happy with the consistent and responsive service. When the bank learned that Diebold now offers fire alarm panels with monitoring, making the switch was easy.

“I wear a lot of hats at the bank,” said George Krupica, Main Street Bank’s director of information technology. “So having Diebold as a one-stop security shop and a reliable partner has simplified our operations and made it easier to manage our security processes.”

An Overall Upgrade
Diebold is in the process of providing Main Street Bank with a comprehensive end-to-end security solution. To date, Diebold has installed a DMP burglar and fire alarm panel, along with a double-door safe that provides twice as many safe deposit boxes as the bank had previously for this location. In addition, Diebold supplied Main Street with alarms, surveillance equipment, drive-up systems, ATMs and a remote monitoring component. Diebold also integrated the bank’s alarm panel and fire panel monitoring into one packaged service. Previously, the two panels were monitored by two different vendors.

These improvements not only contributed to the increased security of the bank’s assets but also made Krupica’s job easier. Before, the bank would issue two IDs -- one for the alarm panel monitoring provider and another for its fire panel monitoring provider.

With the combined service package from Diebold, only one ID number is necessary, reducing hassle and risk. Another challenge Main Street Bank encountered was finding regional suppliers to provide the products and services required at each of its three branches. With a national footprint and a full range of solutions, Diebold was able to provide Main Street Bank with consistent and quality service -- regardless of location.

A One-Stop Solution
Now, instead of having to manage multiple vendors, ID cards and service contracts, Krupica just calls Diebold.

“It’s so easy to manage and do business with one supplier,” he said. “Especially when that supplier is so consistent. Plus, it’s nice to know that as we grow, we can count on Diebold.”

Another concern was the bank’s ATM network availability and keeping its ATM channel at optimal performance. That’s why Diebold installed OpteView remote monitoring on Main Street’s ATMs.

With OpteView, Main Street Bank receives e-mail notification when an ATM goes down. The software not only provides remote diagnosis and troubleshooting, but also automatically dispatches a service technician with the information and parts needed to correct the problem.

In addition to the ease of working with Diebold, Main Street Bank appreciates the consultative nature of the relationship.

“It’s a true partnership,” Krupica said. “They recommend new products and services that help us gain efficiencies and enable us to deliver the services our customers want.”

This article originally appeared in the October 2010 issue of Security Today.

About the Author

Brad Stephenson is the vice president of Diebold Security.

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