ASIS President Christina Duffey

Christina Duffey Appointed President of ASIS Internationals PCB for 2011

ASISS International has appointed Christina Duffey to the presidency of the ASIS Professional Certification Board for 2011. Duffey is the director of client services for Paragon Protection Ltd., which is in Toronto. A member of ASIS since 1996, Duffey has served on the PCB for four years.

“ASIS board certification is the accepted standard for practitioners worldwide. In a crowded employment environment, ASIS credentials convey credibility and put certified practitioners on a different playing field—effectively distinguishing them as highly qualified professionals with a worldwide network of resources,” Duffey said. “I will continue the work initiated by my predecessor and will also endeavor to engage and mentor the industry’s young professionals as they build a firm foundation for future career advancement.”

After serving two years in the Canadian Army Reserves, Duffey began her corporate security career in 1990 at Intercon Security Limited. In 1997, she commenced a nine-year tenure as vice president for Levy Security Corporation of Chicago. Before to joining her current employer, Duffey also served as vice president and general manager for Anderson Security Agency in Phoenix.

Duffey earned her Certified Protection Professional credential in 2001.

PCB members continuing service under Duffey in 2011 include: Vice President/President-elect Richard F. Lisko, CPP, Allied Barton; Keith C. Blowe, CPP, Transportation Security Administration; Cheryl Elliott, CPP, PCI, Emory University; James W. Ellis, CPP, PSP, Principal Financial Group; Alfredo Iturriaga, CPP, RacoWind Consultores, Ltd. ; Keith L. Kambic, CPP, U.S. Equities Asset Management, LLC; Roger B. Maslen, CPP, G4S Secure Solutions Canada; Murray D. Mills, CPP, Ministry of Health - Central; David J. Moitzheim, CPP, Mayo Clinic; and, Owen J. Monaghan, CPP, New York City Police Department.

The following ASIS members join the PCB in 2011: Gregory L. Hurd, CPP, Statoil Canada Ltd. ; Jeffrey J. Lee, CPP, Saudi Arabian Oil Company; Per A. Lundkvist, CPP, PSP, PCI; and, Montserrat C. Mintz, CPP, MD Anderson Cancer Center.

ASIS offers three professional board certifications, including two specialty certifications. The Certified Protection Professional designation is awarded to experienced security practitioners who have demonstrated in-depth knowledge and management skills in eight key areas of security. The Professional Certified Investigator credential is a specialty certification awarded to security practitioners who have demonstrated knowledge and experience in case management, evidence collection, and preparation of reports and testimony to substantiate findings. The second specialty certification is the Physical Security Professional, which is awarded to practitioners who have demonstrated knowledge and experience in threat assessment and risk analysis; integrated physical security systems; and the appropriate identification, implementation, and ongoing evaluation of security measures.

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