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A successful installation at Tinker Federal Credit Union

Founded in 1946 and headquartered in Oklahoma City, Tinker Federal Credit Union (TFCU) is the largest credit union in Oklahoma.

Today, it serves more than 230,000 members, has more than 2.3 billion in assets, spans 22 full-service locations with 34 ATM kiosks and offers its members a full array of financial solutions.

In 2007, with a focus on enhancing service quality, building its brand and investing in technology to advance security and business efficiencies, TFCU embarked on a modernization initiative that included replacing legacy systems with a robust IP surveillance and data- capture platform and central DVR management solution.

“Our original platform was functional, but did not give us the overall management or number of images we needed for the type of environment we operate,” said John Micue, TFCU security and safety officer, who helped spearhead the initiative.

The TFCU security team initiated the process by researching and evaluating 25 video surveillance platforms.

In its final evaluation stage, the team piloted five systems at its retail branch locations across Oklahoma. In the end, the credit union selected Nextiva Net- DVR II and MicroDVR II embedded systems, along with Nextiva Op-Center management software and Vid-Center software for remote viewing, from Verint Video Intelligence Solutions.

In support of its mission to provide a safe and secure financial environment for members and employees, TFCU sought to partner with a proven technology provider that would enable it to achieve several key criteria. These included the ability to deliver intelligence to its entire system of ATM and teller operations and the ability to effectively monitor activities in branches and ATM kiosks. Further requirements included a system that would aid TFCU in deterring fraud, supporting investigations, and providing safe and secure environments for credit union members and employees. To address current and future needs, TFCU invested in a comprehensive IP video portfolio for financial organizations.

As part of this initiative, TFCU deployed more than 60 Nextiva NetDVR II and MicroDVR IIs at 34 separate locations throughout Oklahoma. Current locations leveraging the technology include a TFCU main office, branches, ATM kiosks and trailers, and even a mobile unit for special events and parades. With the solutions in place, TFCU has the tools and analytical insight it needs to consistently monitor and protect these areas.

Technology that Hits the Mark
With the Nextiva solution, TFCU is able to capture high-quality video images, optimize bandwidth and storage utilization, and benefit from flexible video search capabilities and programmable video retention and storage.

Security staff at the financial institution also can easily scan and detect the most pertinent and potentially threatening activities in their branches and ATM centers, viewing multiple scenes in a single location or any number of branches. As a result, the credit union is benefiting from a more complete picture of activities, superior security and reliability, and lower total cost of ownership and operation.

The DVRs deliver surveillance and data-capture capabilities to TFCU’s entire network of ATM and teller operations. Nextiva NetDVR II provides sophisticated recording of up to 16 analog cameras, capturing high-quality images at up to 300 frames per second. Designed specifically for the financial industry, this intelligent DVR solution features powerful programming capabilities and flexible storage options. Users can set different resolutions, frame rates and image retention for general surveillance, motion detection, transactions and alarms, providing a more context-sensitive approach to video surveillance.

The NVR also is helping TFCU by digitizing images from up to six analog cameras. Security staff can view live or recorded video footage either on site or from remote locations.

Additional synergies come from its interface with financial ATM and teller systems and general alarm inputs, providing a more complete understanding of the context in which events occur. Together with the Nextiva Op-Center and Nextiva Vid-Center remote video connection and viewing software, TFCU enjoys a complete networked video solution.

“The Op-Center has allowed us to integrate the DVR with our ATM system to capture transactional data and easily share that information with our fraud department, as well as law enforcement agencies,” Micue said. “The ability to tie point-of-sale transactions both at the drive-up and walk-up teller line also is a big benefit for us.”

Using Nextiva Op-Center, financial organizations like TFCU are able to centrally manage DVRs in a multitude of facilities across large geographic areas. The solution automatically issues alerts when malfunctions occur, when hard drives become filled or when cameras are moved. Armed with this powerful management software, financial organizations can cost-effectively secure their operations and help ensure critical video is available when needed.

As such, Nextiva Op-Center serves as an important asset for financial institutions seeking to improve security, address claims and supply evidence.

“The Op-Center’s ability to ensure connectivity with DVRs, determine whether a camera is upgrading properly and perform daily image checks are all features that enable us to more effectively monitor our systems and protect our assets,” Micue said.

The Real World Captured
Aside from traditional system use, TFCU has seen Nextiva at work in other areas of its operations. One example of this is when credit union security staff were able to take advantage of the photo resolution capability from the Nextiva Vid-Center viewing software to determine key information about a traffic accident in a branch parking lot. Armed with this information, the security team was able to quickly use the details provided through Nextiva to investigate the accident, identify vehicle ownership and alert insurance authorities.

“With Nextiva, we’ve been able to investigate a good number of issues and incidents,” Micue said. “From fraud to suspicious activity, to accidents in parking lots, we are light years ahead of where we were before.

Previously, if an incident would have occurred at one of our facilities, we would’ve had just a few images. Today, with the use of our cutting-edge technology from Verint, we have several hundred of that very same image.”

Security Advances in the Financial Industry
TFCU has a strong security focus -- both from a personnel and fiscal standpoint. Because it has prioritized investments associated with security and the protection of its people, property and assets, it takes staying abreast of technology innovation seriously.

“My team spends a great deal of time researching new products and solutions and monitoring the state of the industry -- including the continuing adoption of IP and megapixel camera technologies to increase clarity and detail,” Micue said. “With our modernization initiative and investments, we keep a keen focus on ensuring our equipment is being maximized, and that we are leveraging our assets to identify and mitigate potential areas of vulnerability inside TFCU.”

Another trend shared was the necessity to work with vendors whose systems are on truly open platforms for ease of installation and migration with existing equipment.

“Throughout the industry, there needs to be more compatibility among manufacturers to help end users leverage the technology they have today and build a bridge for the future,” Micue said. “Organizations such as ONVIF and other regulations will continue to aid with the industry’s adoption of compatibility.”

A final thought about innovative technologies for the financial industry is video analytics. With automated video analysis applications, finance organizations can track visitors in the lobby, monitor line queues, and set virtual trip wires to help detect potential incidents.

“New advances in technology will allow security personnel to be more proactive and less reactive,” Micue said. TFCU is ahead of the curve when it comes to adopting cutting-edge technology to help protect its people, property and assets.

“We do things that other financial organizations don’t because it provides another layer of support for the security of our organization, employees and members,” Micue said.

He added that integrating the open platform Nextiva solution with the bank’s teller and ATM operations was a contributing factor to the project’s overall success.

This article originally appeared in the March 2011 issue of Security Today.


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