Aimetis Symphony Software Now SELECT Certified with Intransa VideoAppliance

Intransa and Aimetis announced that Aimetis Symphony software is Intransa VideoAppliance SELECT Partner-Certified.

“Aimetis is pleased to be SELECT Certified with Intransa,” said Marc Holtenhoff, the company’s CEO. “It allows us to provide our system integrators with a reliable, integrated solution right out of the box.”

Aimetis’ Symphony intelligent video surveillance software offers a single, open-IP video platform for video management, video analytics, system integration and alarm management. Aimetis Symphony installs on standard IT hardware, supports both analog and IP cameras from hundreds of camera manufacturers, provides a feature-rich, easy-to-use interface and incorporates IT-friendly features to make administration simple.

“Aimetis Symphony software’s video management and analytics ability in one platform provides for an amazing offering when pre-loaded into Intransa’s VideoAppliance as part of our certification program,” said George Vaiser, vice president, video systems applications, Intransa. “By working with leading IP surveillance companies such as Aimetis, customers and integrators receive optimum value and are assured of integration and performance.”

The Intransa VideoAppliance family is designed to deliver installer-ready IP physical security right out of the box. Each automatically sets itself up, and includes a USB media kit with the customer’s choice of video surveillance, access control, video analytics and other certified applications, ready to be activated and running in just minutes.

With the Intransa VideoAppliance, customers no longer need to purchase risky and expensive commodity servers and storage systems, untested and lacking video optimization for physical security workloads. Intransa appliances are built to incorporate the power of certified technology, such as Aimetis Symphony software, in a dependable, risk-free deployment. The Intransa VideoAppliance eliminates servers and storage, while further reducing a customer’s electrical, heating, cooling and overall equipment needs.

The Intransa Technology Lab partner certification program has tested hundreds of software and hardware products. Each product has demonstrated risk-free integration with the Intransa VideoAppliance family at the CERTIFIED level. Dozens more physical security vendors have achieved the advanced SELECT or customer-driven SELECT ELITE certification levels for products including video management systems, access control and video analytics. Each SELECT or SELECT ELITE certified software application is available as a preloaded option with Intransa VideoAppliance for simplified installation.

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