How Much is Royal Security Worth?

I had hoped to be in England today attending the Royal Wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton. I guess the queen lost my address where to send the invitation. Only three Americans were invited.

I think it’s a bit much to say the world is on standstill as this event unfolds, but surely some of the global population is interested. If not for the fact the groom Princess Diana’s son, then for all of the pomp and circumstance that goes along with the nuptials.

American weddings cost about $27,000; though I know my wedding was probably a tenth that price (I’m cheap). This spectacle is running at about 80 million pounds. That’s nearly $133 million, according to reports in the UK press. That buys a lot of shoes and food for impoverished children around the world.

Security is expected to cost as much as 20 million pounds, for this second once-in-a-lifetime event. Remember, when William’s parents were married in 1981, it was a once-in-a-lifetime wedding as well.

Seriously though, $33 million for security seems a bit of overkill. I understand the need to keep things safe, peaceful and secure, but this is the kind of money you give to cancer research, a deserving university or your favorite security magazine editor.

I’m not even sure how you prepare security for an extravaganza like this. I guess it’s sort of like the World Series, the Oscars and NASCAR all rolled up in one event.

I’ll be in England in a couple of weeks, and hopefully will have a chance to wish the couple well after their honeymoon, if they take my call. I’m sure you’ll join me in wishing all the best security in the world for this glamorous event, and that Friday’s wedding comes off without a hitch.

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Ralph C. Jensen is editor-in-chief of Security Today magazine.

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