Morpho's Biometric Fingerprint Technology Maintains Lead in NIST Evaluations

Morpho (Safran group) announced that its fingerprint recognition algorithms have been ranked number one in the two most recent National Institute of Standards & Technology (NIST) MINEX II (Match-on-Card) and Ongoing MINEX evaluations. Morpho’s algorithms excelled in both accuracy and interoperability under all conditions.

Morpho’s technology previously demonstrated its superiority in the NIST ELFT-EFS and PFT evaluations. With these two additional achievements, Morpho further demonstrates the excellence of its fingerprint technology in all NIST evaluation programs conducted over the last few years.

“This success reflects our ongoing commitment to innovate and deliver best-in-class technology to our customers,” said Jean-Paul Jainsky, chairman and chief executive officer of Morpho.

“As Morpho’s subsidiary in the U.S., MorphoTrak is extremely pleased with the excellent results delivered by the U.S. government’s top testing laboratory for fingerprint technology,” stated Daniel Vassy, president and CEO of MorphoTrak. “MorphoTrak is committed to advancing NIST biometrics standards and developing the innovative solutions to optimize them.”

The results of the evaluations are available on the NIST website at

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