CAVU Resources Launches Oil Field Security System

CAVU Resources Inc. has launched a new oil field security system called Silent Night Sentinel Systems.

With volatile prices, and difficult economic times and renewed terrorist threats, damage and the theft of product and equipment in energy fields has opened a new revenue opportunity for CAVU's client base and oil and gas field operators globally. CAVU's own experience with theft and security issues created an opportunity to use off the shelf products and integrated them into a technologically enhanced security and management system. The system creates a virtual fence around the designated area monitoring entry, all equipment functions, allowing remote management of equipment, and warning of any breakdowns, unauthorized entry or physical and environmental threats on the protected property.

The wireless system has both satellite and cell connectivity, giving the lease operator and or owners 24/7 access to all activities and conditions of their property. CAVU also developed a mobile security tower for immediate temporary protection, using the same features and products as security professionals in government, critical infrastructure, transportation and other environments.

CAVU uses night vision technology, cameras, motion sensor, GPS and cell phone monitoring security technology in the new system. Silent Night Sentinel will provide long-range day and night vision solution that captures detailed, natural contrast images in zero light at ranges of up to 500 feet even in foul weather. CAVU's technology is ideal for perimeter security and systems monitoring of oil, government, transportation, critical infrastructure and other security environments.

"The extreme weather experienced in the first quarter of this year caused a total loss of information on the condition and status of equipment and production for days during the storms. This along with the rise of oil prices pushing equipment and oil theft to epidemic proportions has out of necessity forced us to create a solution and a revenue opportunity in the multi-billion dollar security industry. We chose to develop a total security and remote equipment management system to increase productivity, security and prevent environmental damage all with one system. The system's information and equipment control can be viewed and operated from any laptop or touch screen type cell phone from anywhere in the world. We turned a problem into profit; naming it Silent Night Sentinel Systems because of the peace of mind it will give the owners that integrate it into their operations," said William Robinson, president of CAVU Resources Inc.

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