GarrettCom Europe Demonstrates IP/Ethernet Networking Infrastructure

At IFSEC 2011, GarrettCom Europe will be highlighting how easy it can be to build high bandwidth, high availability networks for the latest IP-based security and surveillance devices. With its market leading ranges of Ethernet switches offering configurable mixtures of copper and fibre ports, and combined with the option of  PoE GarrettCom Europe provides developers with the tools they need to build flexible, reliable and readily scalable security networks.

The coining of the phrase ‘surveillance society’ saw a downplaying of the role of and need for widespread surveillance technologies, but the Government’s Security and Defence Review in October brought surveillance firmly back onto the agenda. In recent months, terror threat levels to the UK have been rated as high as Critical, and still remain at ‘Severe’. Ports and airports remain on alert, and high profile events such as the Olympics in 2012 mean the UK will always be a potential terror target.

GarrettCom Europe has responded to the evolving needs of the video surveillance and access control sectors with new breeds of hardened Ethernet switches that are easy to install and easy to configure. These new products provide connectivity for clusters of surveillance and access control devices, and combine this with fibre optic connectivity to the control network for high bandwidth transmission of video data.

GarrettCom Europe marketing communications manager John Ward comments: “Recent figures suggest there are around 1.8 million CCTV cameras installed in the UK and the majority of those are installed to monitor assets and protect staff working in potentially dangerous areas. IP-based CCTV networks can save businesses huge amounts of money in monitoring remote plants, and at the same time deliver increased flexibility. In addition, when people are walking through city centres or travelling on public transport, they want to feel safe. Infrastructure devices such as our Ethernet switches address all the requirements of modern security networks.”

Key products on display at IFSEC 2011 include the PS14P and the PES42H. These highly cost-effective Ethernet switches each offer four PoE-enabled RJ45 10/100Mb copper ports, with the PES42H adding two extra ports which can be configured as copper or 100Mb fibre. Compact, rugged and hardened for challenging environmental conditions and extended temperatures, the switches provide an affordable means of connecting remote IP devices and instruments to the wider network. The PS14P is a particularly small product, suitable for mounting inside camera poles.

The incorporation of PoE in these latest generations of switches means security devices can be installed without the need to run separate power cables to them. The ports which supply power feature an auto-sensing algorithm so that they provide power only to attached 802.3af PD devices. If proprietary PoE and non-PoE devices are attached, the auto-sensing feature ensures they will not be damaged. The RJ45 ports on the PES42H and PS14P discontinue supplying power when the PoE devices are disconnected, and support the PSE (Power Sensing Equipment) standard for over-current protection, under-current detection and fault protection.

Over and above the features common to both products, the PES42H also includes Link-Loss-Learn (LLL), enabling it to be used in self-healing and redundant LAN structures.

With MTBFs in excess of 20 years, GarrettCom Europe’s Ethernet switches for video security and surveillance applications meet the all the requirements of the modern surveillance installations.

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