Alloin Chooses Milestone for Security with Ultra-High Resolution Management

For the past three years, Alloin, a member of the Kuehne + Nagel Group, has been using an array of ultra-high resolution cameras to provide anti-intruder protection for 33 courier depots as well as monitoring the smooth flow of pallets and packages. To this end, Alloin turned to E-Dentic, a company that had given complete satisfaction when installing hand-held terminal barcode reading solutions over a Wi-Fi network in its depots.

E-Dentic has long-standing expertise in setting up wireless networks in industrial and logistic environments. The rigorous constraints associated with these environments being addressed specifically through the use of on-site surveys to pinpoint optimal access point locations. E-Dentic carried out some very nice installations on sites ranging from 1,000 m² to 500,000 and 700,000 m², at an airport and an exhibition center. 

Recently, it found this IP network architecture know-how extremely useful in deploying reliable high-bandwidth video surveillance solutions. E-Dentic responded to Alloin’s defined requirements by deploying clusters of 3-7 ultra-high resolution cameras at 33 depot sites connected via a wireless local VPN and operating with 4 or 8 megapixels, well beyond full HD (High Definition) format. These megapixel formats were preferred because they enable very wide fields of view, showing the entire warehouse area and providing a perfect remote view of ongoing activity, load and traffic levels, such as pallet truck movements within depots with an area of 3,000 to 3,500 m², monitoring up to 80 meters of loading dock area.

As the very high resolution allows zooming in on the video software for an accurate detailed view, it is also possible to spot a handling error from the control center even from a considerable distance.Milestone XProtect Enterprise open platform video surveillance management software was selected, based on its rich functionality and resilience on high data traffic servers.  XProtect handles the megapixel video perfectly and the solutions deployed at Alloin exhibit a high degree of image display fluidity, both live and recorded. Alloin’s numerous courier sites are connected remotely to satisfy the requirement of displaying the entire gamut of the company’s activity and security from one central location. Milestone XProtect Enterprise is especially well suited for multi-site operations; the software is capable of handling a large number of cameras.

The feeds from the 170 cameras can thus be accessed from a monitor in the office of Alloin’s Director of Security Martial Darras, or on his laptop equipped with Milestone’s Smart Client, to view video from any one of the 33 sites. A VPN has been set up using SDSL links.

"This is a very nice tool, developed on the back of a good synergy with E-Dentic and Milestone," said Darras. "What is more, we demand absolutely zero errors with regular remote monitoring being carried out by E-Dentic five days a week to ensure the systems are operating smoothly."

Working on this basis gives Alloin a real technological and security lead. This is reassuring for its customers, who can be certain that the best technological resources are used to track and find packages. Recordings are retained for 30 days. "We want to be completely transparent in the way we work with them," Darras said.

Ultra-high resolution cameras will soon be installed outside, similar to what has just been done on one site to monitor outside loading docks for even greater security and to track truck traffic around the buildings. There are also plans to call on E-Dentic’s know-how to deploy wireless cameras. Thanks to its high degree of scalability and unicast support, preferred for wireless, XProtect Enterprise will accommodate all this new data and technology.

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