Boston Hynes Convention Center Up to Code with Community R-Series

John B. Hynes Veterans Memorial Convention Center is one of three convention centers in Boston, located in the city's historic center. Boasting more than 190,000 square feet of all-weather exhibit space, the 23-year-old venue is presently several years into an ongoing, multi-phase renovation project.

Currently, the Hynes Convention Center is completing an upgrade to its audio systems, courtesy of Boston-based Adtech Systems. As Adtech's Charles Crane explains, the project incorporates acoustical treatment and sound system upgrades to bring the exhibit halls up to NFPA72 code standards for voice evacuation and speech intelligibility.

"There are four exhibition halls on two floors," Crane notes. "Halls A and B are on one floor and can be combined; Halls C and D are on another floor and they can also be combined." Occasionally, Crane adds, the entire facility is booked for a large event like MacWorld; on those occasions the system has to have the ability to page in all spaces, creating a need for a fully matrixable environment, where any source can go anywhere.

The new system was designed by Communications Design Associates from Canton, Mass. CDA also performed the needs analysis, and qualified the system, which is based around Community R-Series loudspeakers in Halls A, B and D. Halls A and B used a total of 165 R2-94Z three-way loudspeakers outfitted with TRC400 transformers. A total of 31 R.5-66TZ two-way loudspeakers were deployed in exhibit hall D.

More than 60 Crown CTs amplifiers with PIP modules power the system, with signal processing covered by BSS London DSP. Online monitoring and control of the amps, the London DSP, and even the SurgeX IT power conditioning is handled via HiQnet System Architect software.

Crane credits the defined coverage of the R-Series as a major factor in their selection for the project. "Their radiation patterns fit the bill for coverage," he says. "We wanted proper direct field coverage, and the customer wanted to ensure high speech intelligibility. The consultant modeled it out and they hit a home run in coverage."

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