Morse Watchmans Debuts Touchscreen Key Control System

Morse Watchmans recently unveiled KeyWatcher Touch, its enterprise-level key control and management system.

Reinforcing the company's competitive advantage and industry reputation, KeyWatcher Touch features the ability to join multiple locations, common usage of database and programming and an instrument-grade touch screen LCD display. Other firsts include the time-saving KeyAnywhere capability that allows the return of a key to any KeyWatcher Touch in the enterprise and the KeyFind feature that quickly enables administrators to locate which KeyWatcher Touch a specific key is in, or determine who has it out.

"Just as KeyWatcher transformed the concept of key control from metal boxes and log books to automated management systems, our new KeyWatcher Touch will push the boundaries of what's possible for key control systems," said Fernando Pires, VP of sales and marketing, Morse Watchmans. "Our KeyWatcher platform has never been stronger with innovative features and solutions for addressing today's complex security issues."

The design of the new KeyWatcher Touch incorporates a range of innovations. It is engineered around a new CPU board with built-in SD card slot, USB connectivity, 10/100 Ethernet and audio output jack. Convenient user features include access via a new optical fingerprint reader and card reader (complete with alarm and access control integration capability), as well as larger buttons and an easier to use interface that offers step by step instructions. Keys available for access can be called up on the screen and "My Keys Out" and "KeyFind" are additional new operations that provide users with the location of a specified key, what keys have not been returned and when the key will become overdue.

The new 7-inch LCD touchscreen display on the cabinet's front panel features a resolution of 800x480 to ensure high contrast, excellent readability and a wide viewing angle. The front glass is rated at 7 Mohs hardness for scratch resistance, yet only requires an activation force close to 0 grams for operation. Manufactured by Densitron, the capacitive touch screen / LCD display is designed for superior durability and reliability.

The unified system allows up to 10 KeyWatcher Touch locations to be connected using a shared SQL database and can accommodate more than 14,000 keys and 10,000 users. Control and management of the system include programming, remote functions and reporting are available with KeyWatcher TrueTouch software and KeyWatcher Server as the primary interface for the client software and database maintenance. KeyWatcher Touch also features improved integration capabilities, plus the patented SmartKey system, modular design and full scalability.

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