SightLogix Deploys Thermal Perimeter Solution at the World Trade Center in NYC

As a New Yorker who was -- and still is -- deeply affected by 9/11, the most exciting news from the first day at ASIS 2011 was about SightLogix, a supplier of outdoor area and perimeter security video systems, deploying their outdoor video system at the World Trade Center perimeter in New York City.

The massive yet serene 9/11 Memorial Fountains were open to the public on Sept. 12. I reserved my ticket to visit the site in November, during the week of ISC Solutions.

Like thousands of other visitors, I'm going to pay my respects and to admire the engineering marvel of the fountains, but I also want to feel safe. Knowing this perimeter solution that leverages thermal video analytic cameras is part of an integrated security system that is hard at work in the background keeping an eye on things, allows me to focus on what is important: thinking about the lives that were lost and the acts of heroism that emerged to reflect the spirit of New Yorkers on that terrible day.

"SightLogix was founded to create an effective outdoor video analytic solution after observing video technology limitations at Ground Zero shortly after 9-11," said John Romanowich, president and CEO of SightLogix, in a press release. "We are honored to have our vision fulfilled through our selection to secure this key national asset."

The SightLogix solution includes Thermal and Visible SightSensor video analytic cameras, Clear24 thermal cameras, SightTracker automated PTZ/dome camera controllers for target identification, and SightMonitor coordination and GPS target location topology map display software. Portable solutions include the Video Security Trailer, a self-contained rapidly deployable perimeter security solution for temporary or long-term surveillance applications, and the Rapid Deployment Kit for first responders.

Clear24, SightLogix's newest product that was launched at the show, is a thermal video imaging camera that uses image processing to provide highly detailed thermal images, 24 hours a day and in all weather conditions, including rain, snow, fog, wind or humidity.

In a demo, I was able to see how industry-leading 320x240 thermal cameras can produce blurry and indiscernible images in bright sunlight and adverse weather. When everything in a scene is at a similar temperature, such as during a snow storm, people, buildings and cars aren't obvious.

But Clear24's on-board video processing and image-contrast technology processing produces clear thermal images in all environments.

Check out the video that shows this.

The 9/11 museum is scheduled to open Sept. 11, 2012. It will house precious historical artifacts from that awful day and it, too, will require a robust, integrated security system to protect this very important and sacred site.

About the Author

Sherleen Mahoney is a Web managing editor at 1105 Media.

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