Global Rainmakers Inc. Announces Appointment of New CEO James Demitrieus

Global Rainmakers Inc. (dba/Hoyos Corp.) announced that the board of directors has appointed James Demitrieus as CEO. Effective immediately, Demitrieus will replace Hector Hoyos as CEO of the company.

Global Rainmakers Inc. provides iris-based identity management products and technology solutions. Transforming the way identities are authenticated and protected, the company offers a broad suite of solutions for the identity management, access control, border control and logical access sectors.

The company's proprietary, iris-based identity management solutions are cost-effective, scalable and easy-to-use iris recognition systems that operate while a person is in motion and at a distance. Global reliance upon electronic data and transactions has created an increasing need to secure identity and control access to physical locations, electronic networks and the devices that connect to them in order to combat costly threats of identity theft and financial fraud.

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